Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Look who moved in...

This is the face that Madeline has been giving us most recently. I pray that it is because of her final one year molar. It can not cut soon enough.

September 19

Anyone know anything about teeth? Madeline has her four front teeth and both first year molars on top. On the bottom she has three front teeth, one molar and is working on the second. There is no sign of her cuspids (i.e. fangs) on the top or bottom. Should I be concerned? I guess this rules out vampirism or becoming a werewolf, huh?



Tara said...

Kenley had all her teeth except the fanged ones. They are just coming in now, oh what a joy teething is. I would say don't worry about the fangs. They will come soon enough.

Adrienne said...

Alexander also doesn't have those teeth. Every once in a while he gets crabby enough that I think that they are coming in, but not yet. I too worry a little as my husband doesn't have those on the bottom as an adult. So we shall see... We too have been having fun with molars. Stupid teeth.