Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gene Simmons has nothing on this girl

In honor of G. G.'s birthday I wanted to make sure we took a family photo. I knew the party on her actual birthday would be too hectic so I brought my camera (with a remote shutter) to my in-laws for Sunday dinner. When Kevin's family gets in front of a camera least one of us has their eyes closed or looks like they are about to sneeze but on Sunday I took what I consider to be the best family photo to date. Everyone is happy and smiling, even 15 month old Lydia.

But wait, did you see Madeline? Let me zoom in for you...

Oh wait, that is Gene Simmons from KISS. My mistake.


Yep, that's my sweet heart all right.

Of my two children common sense tells me that it would be harder to get a 15 month old to smile for a camera. Especially an un-manned camera as we used a remote shutter control so NO ONE was standing on the opposite side of the room. Essentially my 15 month old is smiling at nothing and I get this...

Oh where did I go wrong?

And does it end there? Of course not. There are quite a few photos where Madeline looks like this...

and Lydia looks like this...

There is only ONE photo where Lydia isn't looking at the camera with the big cheesy grin on her face...

And did you notice Madeline?

There's my angel.

Any one know how to photo shop this...

Into this...

Good grief.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. IV

I am beyond ready for spring.

Santa brought Madeline wings for Christmas and they have lasted 31 more days then I expected them to. They've been bent, sat on, smashed, pushed and pulled almost in two. Today they were closed in the bathroom door. There is barely a scratch on them. Although they appear to be nylons and wire hangers I think they must really be made of titanium and gortex.

I slipped on a patch of ice this morning before taking Madeline to school. I am sure my knee will be a beautiful technicolor mess by tomorrow. See #1.

I made turkey stock over the weekend and although I got a lot of comments on Facebook about how I was crazy and why wouldn't I just buy it I felt super proud of myself and was totally excited about it. That was until this morning when I measured it and realized I cooked it for E-V-E-R and I only got 96 oz of stock, or the equivalent of three pots of potato soup out of it. It's a good thing it was a low maintenance project. I'm gonna be extra peeved if it tastes like shoes.

We are in so much trouble.

Yesterday Lydia had her first (and hopefully only) case of nursemaids elbow. We are unsure of how it happened because she was just getting up from a nap when she started crying (so we didn't see anything). I am pretty sure after all of Madeline's trips to the Dr. for this condition we are on some sort of watch list, moments away from being hot lined by a mandated reporter. You can read about Madeline's forays into the world of NME here and here.

Madeline let me do her hair today. It may have been the highlight of my day. Just maybe.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who saves bananas for banana bread but never gets around to making it. If not, please lie.

Negative: Kevin's schedule today kinda sucked.
Positive: We had dinner alone when he got home from work.

Last, but in no way least: One of my oldest friends (who I've known since kindergarten) lost her grandmother today. Although I am supremely sad for the family I know that Grandma Joan's love will continue to bless them as they move through their grief and begin to heal. The love she gave will be carried on by not just her family but by all who knew her, including me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Birthday G.G.

Friday was a huge day in our family. Kevin's grandmother celebrated a very special birthday. If I told you how old she is I'd be in a lot of trouble. She really doesn't want people to know even though I want to shout it from the rooftops if/when I reach that age.

Don't think you can twist my arm. I'm not telling. Instead I am going to give you some interesting facts that a close family friend shared with us to celebrate her birthday. (Thank you Deb!)

In 1911* there were only 144 miles of paved roads and gasoline was sold in cans at the grocery store. And speaking of cans, canned beer had not yet been invented but you could walk to your corner druggist and buy marijuana, morphine and heroin over the counter without a prescription. Wild!

To celebrate G.G.'s birthday we all had dinner at her apartment building and celebrated with cake for all the residents.

Madeline snarfed down her roll.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that my girls are getting to know their great grandmother's. (My maternal grandma is still around too...) The bond that Madeline, in particular, has with G. G. is something to see. We are so very lucky to have such a strong role model for our girls.

Happy very special Birthday G.G!

*Shhh.... let's keep that our little secret now won't we. You can read Grandma's 99th birthday post (and the story of how Lydia got her name) here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up, vol. III

How about a wordless weekend post...

October 30, 2010

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Tuesday Ten (on Thursday), vol. III

So I know it is actually Thursday and I am two days late with my Tuesday Ten but I have no excuses and this is my bligity blog and I am totally ok with that. Mmmm-K?

It snowed 5.5 inches at our house today but we feel a little gypped because not to much further north got up to 14 inches of snow. I should consult my husband before making this statement though because I didn't get out of my pajamas until 4pm and he shoveled our super long drive way.

Anyone know a good recipe for snow cream? We've never done it but since a million of my facebook friends keep talking about it I must try it.

My mom just sent my brother to my house with a piece of chocolate cake. It was yummy.

I need to stop eating chocolate cake and brownies and snow cream.

Madeline had her second snow day in a week and a half. She didn't cry today. :)

I made bacon and pancakes for breakfast. I love snow days with the whole family at home.

I watched the movie Friends With Money tonight. I'd take a pass on that one if I were you.

This post has taken me far to long to write because I keep getting distracted.

Oh... shiny!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Guide

I have a friend who is expecting twins. Although she still has two months ahead of her, after a conversation with her on Friday I gathered that she was feeling kinda done with the whole pregnancy thing.


Although I've never carried twins, I totally get the feeling of being done growing beings inside you. So in order to lift her spirits, maybe make her chuckle and know that someone is thinking about her I present:

Madeline and Lydia's guide to twins.

#1- No matter how you feel inside always keep a smile on your face.

#2- Cleaning is a snap with two kiddos in tow.

#3- Clothing makes a great handle while getting those tough to reach spots on your floor clean.

#4- never. stop. smiling.
(thumbnail is enlarged from the photo above...)

#5- Who needs two high chairs? Although you might want to situate them better to avoid brain injury or broken bones.

I hope you're smiling... Who loves you? *een does, that's who!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up, vol. II

October 19. 2010

So after celebrating Lydia's birthday with about 60 people we spent her actual birthday very low key.

This (mini) cup cake I did make!

She devoured her first birthday cupcake.

So did Madeline.

We decided not to go totally crazy with gifts for Lydia's birthday. We usually don't go to wild with birthday gifts in general. Knowing that Lydia would get a ton of stuff from family added to the fact that we have accumulated a ton of stuff in Madeline's 3 1/2 short years of life Lydia wasn't really in want or need of anything. We chose to let Madeline pick out a gift for Lydia instead.

At her party she had no interest in her gifts. She was way into this one though.

Look at that happy face!

Madeline chose this blue haired friend for Lydia all on her own. If you've been around this bligity-blog since the dark ages you might remember this post from when Madeline got her Grover. Lydia had recently taken a liking to Madeline's Grovie and although she never really protested I think Madeline was really sick of sharing her lovie. Lydia's Grover has been a favorite since her birthday and, just like her sister, sleeps with Grovie each and every night.

Lydia did get some light reading materials as well.

It is hard to believe Lydia is one. She is a bucket of fun and cuter ever single day. I mean how can you not smile when you see that face?

That is unless you are dead inside.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. II

The Tuesday Ten-1.11.11 edition!

It snowed today. We played outside. Madeline and Kevin went sledding. I made chocolate chip brownie bars. Not one cup of hot chocolate was consumed. I think we need a do over.

We had a new bed delivered today. It is huge. I may never leave it. If you don't hear from me ever again you know where to find me.

Scott and Becky arrived back in STL today. We've decided we need to tell Madeline that Scott and Becky are arriving one day later than reality to avoid the constant stream of "are they here yet? is that their plane? are they coming here now? is it time yet? when are they getting here?"s spewing from her mouth.

Madeline played independently for almost 30 minutes yesterday. That is HUGE! I am half way to an episode of Oprah. (I'm (half) kidding!)

It is 10:15pm and Lydia is currently screaming from her room. I don't know why. I kinda hate this part of motherhood. (The not knowing why your baby (or 14 month old) is screaming therefore not being able to fix it.) (edit: it is now 10:27 pm and she isn't crying, fingers crossed...)

Kevin has to go back to work tomorrow after being off for three days in a row. I like having him around. I know he likes being had.

I am currently obsessed with potato soup. Snow is perfect soup weather. I think I may have to cook up a pot tomorrow. That would make five pots in four weeks. I tell you, this stuff is guh to the ood!

Or maybe I'll try a butternut squash recipe I was introduced to last week. It's pretty much potato soup - potatos + butternut squash. I bet it is just as yummy. I'll let you know.

Today I got a comment on this post from a blogger I L.O.V.E. Do you read Are We There Yet? You should. (but then again don't because you might like her more than me and then this here bligity-blog will seem even lamer... so never mind, forget I said anything.)

We had dinner out tonight. With other adults. It was ten kinds of awesome. (Thanks again Mr. H!)

I made it through another Tuesday Ten! Now it's your turn. Post as many as you'd like in the comments or post your own on your blog then leave a comment so I can read yours too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up, vol. I

I have a lot of catching up to do on this here bligity-blog. I have decided not to overwhelm you my dear reader and slowly catch up. So let's start way back in October of 2010. Do you remember October? After September, before November? Usually the peak of the beautiful fall colors. At least it is here in the Gateway to the West. Do you remember 2010? It was just 10 days ago? No? Me either.

I'm not here to talk about the past. (10 points to the first person to identify that reference...)

Ok, I apologize for the detour. I think I'm done.

Let's catch up...

Invitations, designed by me.

On October 16th I turned 31 and we threw Lydia a first birthday party. If you've been around this bligity-blog a while you may remember we threw a similar party for Madeline's first birthday. First birthday's are a big deal for us and we want to share it with all those who helped us get to this point in our lives. Even if that is 40+ people!

The Birthday Buffet

No, I did not make this cake.

I didn't make this one either.

Usually the more shy of our two kiddos, Lydia did enjoy a room full of people singing to her!

She barely got messy. She may not be my daughter.
Wait, I was there when she was born so, I take that back.

Before opening presents she took a moment to enjoy a spot of tea with Aunt Beth.

She had such a good day!

It really was the best way to celebrate Lydia's big day! Thank you to all who were physically there, as well as there in spirit!