Friday, September 12, 2008

EMHE: Part 6

This is the final EMHE post. (Don't be sad... it will be ok.) They revealed the house on Wednesday (9/10). You know, the "move that bus" moment and we tried to see the huge event. Emphasis on tried. More on that in a minute.

Ty was there as the furniture truck pulled up. They filmed him coming out of the house at least four times. Then they unloaded the truck. The team of volunteers unloaded couches, beds rocking horses and chairs. The behind the scenes info: only about half of the stuff they filmed going into the house stayed in the house. The rest came out of the house and went back into the truck. Yep, totally Hollywood.

The crowd gathering on the lawns across the street from the house. There were a ton of people. A ton.

Maddie and Anna went with us for the reveal. Although Maddy and Maddie did a great job and were total troopers we knew they would only last so long.

To be honest, the limo had the practice family in it, not the Martirez family. This was at 12:30pm. We had been there two hours already and they had moved the bus to film different angles at least 6 times. It was shortly after the practice family walked into the house that we decided to head home. (About 1:15pm.) It is a good thing we left because they didn't actually get the family to the house until 4:15 PM!!!!! We would have been standing on the lawn for almost 6 hours!!!! And there were people who had been there since 7am!

I wouldn't leave you without a photo of the finished product! The house with landscaping etc. It really is quite a nice house. Although it looks smallish from the front it goes on forever in the back and has a fully finished basement with 10 foot ceilings.

So it is over. The streets are still blocked and the production crew will be in town until later today. Then the local police take over patrols for the next two weeks. I am looking forward to a weekend without a million people walking up and down our street and no shuttle buses rumbling the windows. The excitement was well worth it though. What a fun week it has been in our sleepy little neighborhood.

We've been told the episode will air in the first few weeks of November. Of course I will post when it does!


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bridget said...

what's up with the "practice family"? that's just weird. and you say they removed some of the furniture??? what's up with that? maybe it's to make room for their old furniture that they are sentimentally attached to. hmmmm. thanks for the postings...can't wait to see the show.