Monday, March 30, 2009


It is official. We have moved.

I am a mess of emotions today. More on that soon I hope. Along with photos from the past two weeks. (oh, I am so behind!)

Now for the Thank yous...

#1-Thank you to our wonderful families. They spent their Sunday helping us move and we are forever grateful.
#2- Thank you to my uncle Pat, cousin Brian, and Danny, all union pipe fitters. They spent their off time on Friday putting in a new gas line at the new house and with out them, we would have wet clothing.
#3- Thank you to Anna and Madeline. For being our first play date this morning, and for the pie. Yummy!
#4-Thank you to anyone I forgot to thank, because my brain isn't the best right now.

I will be scarce for a while. We don't have internet yet... so more details to come once we figure that all out.

Tomorrow is closing on our former house... I only hope I don't cry on the paperwork.


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Today I am packing up our house. To be honest it is kinda sad. I will have to post about this later, because I have a million feelings about moving and I have a kitchen to pack right now.

Kevin is getting ready to pack up the computer, so I felt it necessary to post at least one last time from our old house. ;)

Tomorrow is moving day. Wish us luck.

Photos some day soon I hope.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today has not been a good day

Selling your house sucks.
That's all I have to say about that.


Friday, March 20, 2009

A lot can happen in a week

But I am not even going to start to describe the details of this week. Only because I know I would get something wrong and I am exhausted just thinking about it. Instead I give you the highlights:

  • Our current house is under contract. (Woooooo Whooooooo!)
  • We went through about a million rounds of contract negotiations in order to settle on Kevin and I fixing about a million and a half things for our buyer and her not getting our washer and dryer. (We are feeling a little taken advantage of... but our house will be sold by April 1st!!! Again, wooooo whooooo!)
  • Madeline ended up at the doctors office AGAIN. He popped her OTHER arm back into socket this week. How did this one happen you ask? Well I have no idea. We were at the playground and she was fine, until she got home, sat on the front step and stated "my arm hurts." Then she refused to use it for the next 12 hours. ARGH!
  • When I asked if our doctor had hotlined me, he simply stated, "they should be waiting for you at home." (Totally a joke and it totally made me laugh! We love our peds!)
  • I can't end this list without mentioning that my dear and darling friend Olivia, got her dream job this week! I guess that means I will be visiting Delaware at some point in the next few years. (I honestly never thought I'd go to Delaware... but who does? Nothing against Delaware...)
Life is about to go from crazy to insane. Anybody want to help us move?


Thursday, March 12, 2009

You wanna hear about my day?

I sure hope so, because here I go...

The photo was taken this afternoon and it is a totally adorable and sweet photograph of my little girl. It is NOTHING like my day. She was peacefully reading her books. At first I was going to post this photo with a story about how hard it is to keep a house in 'open house' shape with a toddler. Her books take forever to get back on the shelf... and only moments to demolish. But now this photo is there to tell you that this is what my day WAS NOT.

Woke up this morning, got my house in 'show shape' which is insanity. Stuffing laundry into machines, cleaning the cat mess, folding the towels, hiding the trash, making it look like no body lives here... Argh.

I packed up breakfast, Madeline AND the cat and went to my parents. We ate and watched Sesame Street then after an hour, headed home. It was on the way out the door, with a diaper bag, my purse, a cat carrier and Madeline when she threw herself to the ground as I was holding her hand. She cried and I thought she was just upset because she didn't want to leave. I picked her up and got her into the car. It wasn't until we got home that I realized there was an issue. We've had issues with nurse maid's elbow in the past if you remember. So we headed off to the doctor to pop it back on place.

After that we came home, ate lunch and took a nap. Well, Madeline took a nap. I fielded what seems like 100 phone calls in an hours time all dealing with our closing tomorrow. STRESS!!!

At 4:30p Kevin and I met our Realtor at the new house for our final walk through. Madeline stayed with Poppy. All is well.

When we got back to my parents Madeline was crying. She had tripped and fell and for some reason she was inconsolable. She was so upset in fact we had a repeat of this wondrous afternoon and she vomited in my hands. After cleaning her and me up, she settled down and cuddled up with me on the couch. We ate dinner.

We came home, and I got her into a bath. We were about 1/2 and hour late for bed time when she peed on the floor and her kiki (or lovey blanket). So I had to wash and dry her kiki in record time just to get her to bed.

I am exhausted.


The REAL reason you visit my blog

The REAL reason has been missing for a while. Closing on the new house is tomorrow morning, and it is my hope that blogging will become a part of my life again. That way you, and I, can see a lot more of what makes this blog interesting.


Monday, March 09, 2009

How NOT to manage stress

When dealing with stress I do not recommend...

  • panicking. It isn't as helpful as I thought (hopped) it would be.
  • obsessing. Again, not helpful.
  • eating. My waistline is suffering for no good reason.
  • crying. Ok, this can be helpful sometimes. Just not all the time.
  • sitting. Needing to clean your house, but not wanting too and watching Ellen instead is just not helpful.
My stomach is in knots today. More later I am sure...


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A little late....

but we have a new masthead!

So, go ahead... buy my house.