Friday, September 19, 2008

All Wit Abandon, Ye Who Enter Here

Happy talk like a pirate day!

The day is almost over, and if it were not for my brother's random phone call this afternoon I would have completely forgot this hilarious holiday. Go to the official website or find your pirate name.

So enjoy what is left of this most obnoxious of holidays.

Captain Mary Kidd (my pirate name of course!)


Jodie Allen said...

did i ever comment about EHM? I am STILL in shock that the designers don't actually DO anything! that was one of my favorite shows and i watched it religiously! but i loved how HARD they all worked! Ugh! I'm still so mad!

But HOW cool that Ty was right down the street from you! :)

Elliot said...

I be Mad William Flint, Captain Mary Kid! Avast ye!

Christy said...

Oh my freak! My husband came home and said his throat hurt because of saying "arggg!" to his classes all day. And I said "WHATTTT?" I wouldn't have known about this holiday either if he hadn't told me. Apparently he spoke like a pirate most of the day to his math classes because their mascot is the "pirates" and so he was very excited to have a day where he was supposed to talk like one.

Maybe my husband and your brother should go have coffee together. Actually they'd probably prefer to have a beer together. Oh, how I DO love the kind of people who know these quirky things.

Molly said...

I be Captain Mary Rackham (pronounced RACK em, not Rack Ham)
Shiver me timbers!

notawritersfather said...

So, Now I'm Mad Tom Flint, I am and the father of Mad William, though he'd be a bit reluctant t' tellya that . A bit daft, but harrrrd as flint. The craziness starrrrts when ya strikes me to harrrrrrd and the sparrrrrks start t' flyin! On me ship the rum is never gone! Except when it is, then we run out and buy.. er pillage some more! Stand fast the mizzen!

notawritersfather said...

So, Captain Mary Kid. Avast! Yer mother and me, we wants ta tell ya t'keep sendin' out those great por-trates oh the young-in'. Captain Mary Rackham... quit yer readin and get back t' yer post before the mast! What time ye be sailin' in t'port this evenin'? Shiver me timbers? Is that what we're callin it now?