Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Either there is not enough time in a day or I am really bad at time management.

I have a ton of house work, school work and photos to post from the last two days of EMHE. But it is 9:15p so I am going to bed. I am such a woous. (How in the world do you spell that word!?!?! Spell check is no help.)

I leave you with a photo of Madeline from last Friday. I have some really great photos to post from our fun with Maddie at Mo-Bot and today at the EMHE reveal*. They are so cute together.

September 5

*The reveal was a total bust, and we didn't see the "move that bus" moment... I'll explain later. Don't worry. It's all good in the 'hood.



Michelle said...

While I'm not sure how to spell "wuss" I am confident it is not "woous." You are too funny!

mGk said...

Wuss makes so much more sence than my spelling! See, I need people like you in my life to keep me smart and honest! Thanks Michelle!