Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yesterday, Madeline spent 10 minutes with her legs up in the air. Not really sure what she is looking for.

April 29

We are pretty sure her leg is actually attached to her torso. Pretty sure.

April 29


Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love it. It hates me.

Yesterday we spent three hours in the park with Madeline, Uncle Elliot, Aunt Kathy, Granny and Grandpa. We had an excellent time goofing off, swinging, sliding, playing Frisbee and acting like kids. I documented the entire event with my fantastic camera. Then, at the end of our adventure, the compact flash disk has decided to crap out on us. Yes, all of the photos, gone.

No photos of Madeline swinging. No photos of Elliot, Kathy and Kevin jumping from the swings and "sticking" their landings. No photos of us adults acting like kids.

I love my technology.

It hates me.


Friday, April 25, 2008


Madeline really does make the best faces.

April 22


My First...


Madeline helped plant a bunch of seeds the other day. She really just liked getting covered in dirt and giggling at the watering can! She is such a cutie! Nothing is growing yet, but as soon as we have some sprouts I will post pictures of her and her work!

April 22

April 22- Her shirt says, "Swingin' Single and Lovin' it!"
Of course her pants cover the last part.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Baby Teeth

How can an 11 month old with only three teeth be grinding them? Well she is, and has been since this morning. Any mom's out there have any advice? I have tried "distracting" her, but I can only feed her so many cheerios and banana slices.

I only hope it stops before Kevin gets home. (Grinding teeth make him sick to his stomach.)


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Leo!

Madeline's buddy Leo celebrated his 1st birthday yesterday! I can hardly believe these babies are a year old! (Only two short weeks until Madeline is one!?!) We were thrilled to be a part of the celebration with Leo!

Leo was giving Madeline kisses all through the party. And Madeline just wanted to play with all of Leo's new toys!

Leo, in an older photograph... but isn't he cute?!



Tip-toe through the tulips!

Madeline discovered the joy of flowers this week. The first two photos I am holding the flower trying to get her to smile. The last one I handed the daffodil to her to play with. The smiles on her face are so sweet. I love the look of pure joy she has!

April 17- If you click on this one you can see all three teeth
she has and the fourth one about to cut through!

April 17- "I can't smell it mom!"


Friday, April 18, 2008

If earthquakes had names...

This one would be Madeline.

April 18- Earthquake Madeline leaving a mound of debris in her wake.


I'm going back to bed...

So we were awoken at 4am by our cat Olive trying to get into my closet. Not an unusual occurrence. So at 4:37am we just thought the cat was at it again. Nope, this time the whole bedroom was shaking and Kevin grabbed my arm and said, "earthquake."

To be honest I thought he was a little crazy. It must just be a truck passing the house right? Nope again, he was right. An earthquake.


I called my mom this morning:
"How about that earthquake, huh?" -me
"What are you talking about?" -my mom

Let's just say Maddy's first earthquake was less than eventful. She and my mom slept through it.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is it spring yet?

April 15- I love Flowers!!!

April 15

Earlier in the week it was in the 40s... Madeline was getting ready for summer though.

April 12- wishful thinking.

April 12- Is it swimsuit weather yet?


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol

Madeline has joined the throngs of young girls who swoon over David Archuleta.

April 15- Madeline, bustin' a move during AI.


Things I adore...

My good friend Janine started a "things I adore" segment on her blog a few weeks ago. After the weekend we had I think it is only fitting to start one of my own. (Thank you Janine for the wonderful idea.)

So I have been given so many gifts over the past year what with Madeline being born and all. Frankly, some are still in boxes or sitting on shelves. Others have become invaluable. This is one of them!

This, my friends, is The Ulitmate Crib Sheet!

It is a quick change crib sheet and a waterproof mattress pad in one! It has elastic straps that snap around the rungs of the crib so that you can remove the sheet with very little hassle. And it has a soft plastic backing which makes it waterproof!

Let me tell you, it is amazing! During the early days of having Madeline home, the days of constant laundry, these sheets were quick and easy to change. We didn't have to take the whole bed apart in order to get the sheets off.

Now I have two of them layered on top of a regular crib sheet and mattress pad. How awesome is that! She can have three major messes in a row before I have to change the entire bed. And when you are cleaning up a baby and a bed in the middle of the night how awesome is it to have the top layer off and in the washer in just a few minutes flat!?!?

I keep telling all of my friends who may be planning to have children that when they do I will give them a list of must haves and a list of why bothers. The Ulitmate Crib Sheet is on the top of my must haves for sure!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Who knew?

Who knew that cats can get the stomach flu?
Flu 5 - Us 0


Round 3

Round three in Stomach flu vs. Us.
Flu 4 - Us 0.

So I spoke too soon. Way too soon. Kev and I are feeling better and just when we thought the battle of stomach bug v. our bellies was over, Maddy is sick, AGAIN!

Last night we put our darling and sweet and cuddly and happy little baby girl down for the night at about 7:30pm. She had spent a wonderful evening with Grandma and Grandpa without any signs of illness. Then at 8:30pm she woke up sick. And we mean sick. Nothing like the small about of vomit on Friday... no sir... a whole mess of... mess.

Lots of laundry soap, cuddles and two (yes, two!) baths later she was back in bed. Oh the joys of stomach viruses...

An ode to a stomach virus

Oh my, dear stomach virus
oh how you do us wrong.
Leaving us tired and weary
why have you stayed so long?

You make your rounds
not once but twice.
Let me tell you,
that really isn't nice.

You crept in fiercely
leaving piles of laundry in your wake.
We've had enough
that's all we will take.

Good bye dear flu
we've had enough.
Out comes the Chlorox
and other cleaning stuff.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeling better

April 11- Madeline hanging out at the front door.
With Alice sunning in the back ground after an early morning "bath"!

April 11- Cuddles for Kit Kat!



Madeline is feeling better, much better. Mom and Dad on the other hand...

I won't go into details. Let's just say we are trying to catch up on sleep and food consumption. We sent Madeline off to Camp Grandma and Grandpa for the day. We have rested and eaten. Our lesson is learned. What Madeline goes around... we definitely come around.

So only one photo for this post. And nothing you wouldn't want to see!

April 11- Madeline's hair is so curly after bath time!


Friday, April 11, 2008

My First...

throw up.

Yes, that is right. Madeline had her first puke today. When we got her out of bed this morning, let's just say, she was in desperate need of a bath.

Of course, no photos for this post. You're welcome.

And I won't go into her diapers today. You're really welcome.

She has been sort of crabby today, but nothing too bad. She napped pretty well and was so cuddly this evening we almost forgot she wasn't feeling well.

Not a very exciting first, but one that I felt needed to be documented!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My First...

Trip to the Zoo!

Now that the weather has (sort of) started making a turn for the better we made our first trip to the Zoo! We tried this a few weeks ago but couldn't get a parking spot anywhere near the zoo and ended up walking around the grand basin and hangin' at the visitors center.

Yesterday, however, we were able to head off to the zoo for the afternoon. We love having Dad home on vacation this week!

Mommy and Madeline at the Penguin/Puffin coast.
Madeline loves the life sized puffy!

The Chimps were literally hangin' out in the trees! They were at least 60 feet up in the air!

Look at that woolly camel!!
(Alice the camel has, two humps!!!)

Daddy and Madeline love the big old giraffes!
They are so tall!

Madeline wanted to pet the warthogs. We had to explain that although Pumba looks cuddly, she probably wouldn't want to get to close. You want to stay up wind!

Daddy showing Madeline the Chinese yak!

Hanging out with Daddy and the elephants.
We got to see one of the new baby elephants and one
of the big elephants was swimming in the pond!
It was wicked cool!


Baby Bananas?

Granny and Poppy brought Madeline some baby bananas this weekend. They sure are cute aren't they?!?!

April 7- look at these tiny little nanners!

April 7- These bananas are a little more yellow but just as tasty.


Monday, April 07, 2008


Madeline makes the best faces. I caught this one after our trip to the park yesterday. Click on the photo to see it bigger. It is worth it, promise.

April 6


Sunday, April 06, 2008

My First...

Aren't they cute?!?!

April 6

April 6


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Mommy and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! We are excited to have you home with us all this week. We love vacation (and your birthday of course)!!

April 6- hangin' out at the park

April 6 - Madeline and Daddy going down the tunnel slide.
April 6- Madeline loves to swing. She looks like she is flying!

April 6- can we go down the slide again?


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Our Smartan (it's like a Spartan, only smarter!)

I think every parent thinks they have the smartest baby ever born. We, on the other hand, know we have the smartest baby ever born (on May 4th, at 9:49pm, at MoBap, who is a girl, named Madeline Opal and has us for parents)!!

Isn't she amazing?!

*Video taken with my Kodak that is a million years old.


Opening Day, part II

Opening Day, take 2.

Maureen and Kevin, a little colder, but a lot drier.

Maureen is bringing back the bloomer look with tall socks and short pants.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Opening Day (Take two)

April 1- What do you mean I don't get to go? I don't care that it is a night game!

March 31- The Gibson Family on opening day.