Friday, September 05, 2008

EMHE: Part 1

The big news in my home town is that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is just a block and a half away from our house tearing down and rebuilding a new home for a family in need. On Wednesday, the day the family found out they had been picked Kev, Madeline and I headed over to the house to see what we could see. We learned a lot about the show talking to the security and others standing around.

First, they have their own security that travels with them from house to house. They used to hire new security at every site, but by the time they got them all trained they moved on and would start all over. So now they just travel with them.

Second, Even the security doesn't know if they are going to be knocking on the door and giving the family good news or bad news. Sometimes they knock on the door and tell them they are not the finalist. Then they go home. That was not the case in STL.

Third, They told the family Wed. AM, sent them to Disney world in the PM, then finished filming, and started packing up their house. Thursday the finished packing. Friday at 1pm they started tearing down the house. By 6pm the house was completely gone and they were leveling dirt. They say the house will have a roof by Saturday night.

Fourth, The cast and crew have spread their tents and trailers over a six square block area of our city. The roads are completely closed off and the side streets all have no parking signs. (ours included.) There is only one way in and one way out for spectators.

Fifth, If you are a neighbor, and you live next door, they put you up in a hotel. If your lawn is being used as a spectator area they will be replacing it. They can also get massages and help themselves to food in the rest tent.

These are the photos we took on Wednesday.

The house. On Brunswick just a block and a half from our house.

The family. The mom is the one in black, the dad is holding one of the twins and the little girl looks like she has to go to the bathroom. Their other son isn't in the photo. They are all standing in front of the neighbor's house.

One of the women with Calliers Thompson and Shea the construction company that has taken on this huge project.

The spectators. We were a montley crew, and about 10 minutes later, after St. Mike's got out, there were at least 20 kids their with their moms.

The "Beefy" security guard kept hamming it up for my camera. They were all very kind.

Designer John Littlefield
I don't want you to think that I actually know who these people are. I got their names off of the EMHE TV show web page. You can find their bios there too. Which by the way, are really interesting. All of them are actors who just happen to be handy. They never really explain that on the show. I could have guessed after looking at this guy. He's just too pretty.
Designer Eduardo Xol (pronouced soul)
He's awfully pretty too.

On the far left of the group is designer Ed Sanders.
Ed, not so pretty.

The lone woman in the group is designer Paige Hemmis.

And of course, you have Ty Pennington. (That is him in the center between the tree and telephone pole.)

The family pulling away and the designers going into the house to "start working." The limo stopped right there and then backed up. The family then got out and they started over. They taped the send off three times before actually allowing the family to head to the air port.

Two of the crew members. They were hanging out with the few spectators that gathered at the site. They were extremely nice and weird.

Yep. That's right. They were eating Mom's deli on set. Lucky ducks.

More to come. Madeline and I walked up today as they were tearing the house down and that was pretty exciting. I have some really great photos of the tear down and of Ty. I'll post those soon.

What a crazy week.



Sarah said...

Maybe I am not looking at the right house, but the one they are tearing down looks pretty nice to me????

This so cool it is in your area. Are you hating the parking problems it is causing?

bridget said...

i don't think i could hop into a limo and take off while someone else (a stranger no less) packed up my things. and why do you say that ed is not so pretty? are you prejudiced against bald people?

Molly said...

I'm with Sarah... that actually looks like one of the nicer Shrewsbury homes (as a resident of 25+ years, I should know). Thanks for the play by play. You didn't mention some of the even weirder things going on:
1) Never in all my life have I seen so much foot traffic in Shrewsbury - people everywhere!
2) They have shuttle buses to bring spectators in! Yep, go to the cinema about a mile away, wait for the shuttle and it'll bring you right to the sight. No parking problems!
3) Dogs are not allowed in the spectator area (which means if you go for a walk with your dog, they won't let you wander into the neighborhood with it).
4) Turns out it's a wonderful way to meet up with old neighbors you haven't seen in ages. A sad commentary on our automotive lifestyles.
5) They have local cops manning some of the street closings, and I was told that the show is reimbursing the city for the use of the cops' time. The cop I talked to was very happy with all the (easy and fun) overtime he was getting.

It's kind of like a big party on that street right now, and everyone watching is happy and excited. I recommend everyone should get an etreme makeover home in their neighborhood. (as long as it isn't next door!)