Thursday, January 31, 2008

So Big!!!

Madeline had her 9m check up with her pediatrician today! She is right on track and as cute as a button!

First thing he said when he walked in the room, "Somebody likes their carrots and sweet potatoes!"

However could he have known?

Maybe it is the orange hue glowing off her big belly! Nothing to worry about though... carrots are good for the eyes you know!

Madeline Opal
28 1/2 inches (80th percentile)
18# 4oz (average for her age)


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More photos...

More photos for your viewing:

Jan. 26
Oh, life with a crawler with a taste for cat food.

Jan. 24
Momma's cuddle bug.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For those of you going through withdrawl...

Here are some of the promised photos... the uploading problems are back, but I will try to get more later today. Isn't she cute. I love these photos... she is just so sweet!

Jan. 22

Jan. 22

Jan. 21


Olive's BFF

Because the weather has been so cold and the heat has been running seemingly non-stop we purchased ourselves a humidifier. And what a cute penguin humidifier it is. Olive loves to sit next to the penguin and breathe the freshly humidified air. She sat there for an hour just basking in its humidifying goodness. BFF forever, or at least until spring.


Friday, January 25, 2008

8 degrees

Sorry for the laps in posts. I have taken some really cute photos this week too... but with the weather being as cold as it is we have shut up the back room (where the desktop computer is) and so I haven't downloaded any of our adorable shots. Once the weather warms up this weekend we will brave the back room and get some updated photos on the blog.

They say it is suppose to be in the 50s this weekend. We might just open up our windows to let the air circulate. Picnic anyone? (just kidding of course)


Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh those boys!

Madeline had her first play date with Steven today. (Steven is the son of my former SLU classmate Amy, and one of Madeline's many boyfriends.) Although their time together was brief, I think they had a great time checking each other out.

These babies are on totally conflicting schedules, when Steven sleeps, Maddy's awake. When Maddy sleeps, Steven's awake. It makes play dates difficult to schedule for us moms! We had a great time none the less. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Steven and Amy! We will do this again very soon!

Steven and Madeline, checking each other out.

"Wow Steven, you sure smell good."

Maddy got a little to close for comfort. Although she is totally unaffected!

Madeline apologizing to Steven. They were just fine after that!


Thursday, January 17, 2008


Madeline has been able to pull her self up for a couple of weeks now. Most of the time she does it on our legs or holding on to our hands. In order to get her to pull up on the furniture we have to use a different tactic... bait. Enter Olive. She is the best bait of all. She is soft, wiggly and she makes the funniest noises when you pull her tail.

Jan 13.
See how her right leg is trying to "climb" the entertainment center. Something we never get without bait.

Jan. 13
"Where did the kit-cat go?"

Jan. 13
"What? Huh? I'm so confused?"


Monday, January 14, 2008

Her mother's daughter

Hanging out with Granny this weekend we found out that Ms. Madeline likes pickles. We were expecting a funny look and for her to spit it back out. Much to our surprise, she cried when we tried to take it away. I think she has a very distinguished palette for an eight month old! She might look just like Kevin, but she has my taste buds for sure!

*editors note: I am aware that pickles are probably not on the APA's list of approved foods for a 8m old. They will not be a part of her daily diet!

Jan. 12

Jan. 12- she wouldn't hand it over... look what you have started Granny!


Friday, January 11, 2008

Fever, in the Morning. Fever all through the night.

Our poor little girl had her first fever yesterday. Now don't panic, it only got up to 100.00 and only stayed there for an hour or so, but still a fever none the less. The hardest part about babies being sick is that they can't tell you they feel crumby, at least not with words you can understand. (ie. English) She wasn't quite her normal chipper self yesterday, but all in all she was pretty normal. No real fussiness, no other symptoms of something being wrong. Just a fever.

There were some issues with BMs but I am not about to go into that on this blog. I have a feeling Bridget might just have something to say about that if I did! (Trust me, I wouldn't want to read about that either and she's my baby!)

So the fever is gone and we count our lucky starts that we didn't have to deal with 12 days of "ickys" to put it nicely. Our little girl is back to a wonderful 98.6. (That's better than a perfect 10!)


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spring-time for Madeline and Shrewsbury!

St. Louis is experiencing unseasonably warm weather. But you won't hear us complaining. We went for a family walk and then hung out in our back yard for a while. It is really windy but sunny and 72 degrees outside! Madeline likes being outside. There is so much to look at that she hasn't seen before! She could do without the wind in her face however.

My future's so bright I gotta wear shades!

Madeline Salutes you, warmer weather!!

Mom and Dad's view from the ground.

Maddy's view from the sky!


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Madeline is 8 months old!!

Well this month has been a very, very busy one. Not just because of the holidays but also a busy month of growth for Ms. Madeline! She started crawling on December 5th. That was fun with a Christmas tree up and all! Since then she has stomped all over the house getting into anything left at her eye level!

Just about a week and a half ago she started pulling herself up with out our help. She got a cool bike from Grandma and Grandpa and in order to get to the part that makes noise she has to stand up. It was a great motivator. She is a little dare devil too... she likes to get up on her feet and then let go. This has resulted in a few bumps, but she is not fazed at all. She just gets right back up and keeps letting go!

She babbles almost non stop these days too. She was quiet for a while, but has resumed her constant chatter. It is so much fun to listen to her play with sounds. She is eating like crazy too. She loves peas, sweet potatoes, bananas and just like her daddy, any meat we put in front of her. There isn't anything she doesn't like really, except for broccoli... but who can blame her?!?

January 3
Standing up with a watchful and nervous mother behind her!

January 1
Daddy's girl for sure!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Congratuations Aaron and Jenny!

Kevin's friends had their baby this week!!! His name is Quinten and he is absolutely adorable!! (According to Mom and Dad!) Mom and baby are both doing well. We will have to plan a trip to Ohio so that Maddy can meet her newest (boy)friend!

Welcome to the world Quinten!
(and welcome to the wild world of parenthood Aaron and Jenny!)

Quentin James
Born 8:55AM 12/31/2007


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Two Thousand Eight!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy new year's celebration. We had Elliot and Kathy, Scott and Becky and Emily over for a fun night of games and Wii. Maddy slept through the whole thing. It was the perfect New Year for a 8 m (-4 days) old.

Happy 2008!