Monday, September 08, 2008

EMHE: Part 3

Saturday, September 6th

I was a EM junkie on Saturday. I went four times.

First with my parents at about 9am. The foundation was poured and they were begining to take the forms off. At 9 the night before it was just a mud pit. Amazing.

The second time I went alone at about 12:30pm. The forms were off, and they were just starting to pump gravel into the basement so they could pour a floor.

t Designer Edwardo Xol was there... not doing much though. That is him in the black shirt.

I love this photo. This is a volunteer with his two children. The little boy would not let go of his daddy, not even a little.

One of the house's across the street has had a camera on its roof all week. There was actually a guy up there with it this time!

Can you see how huge that tracker is? Can you see how little those people are? Can you see how close the huge tracker is to those little people? I was happy up on the hill. It is tight quarters on this build, let me tell you!

Sponsored by Fitz's. That's my kind of build.

Then when Kevin got home from work at 5:30pm we went back to the site. Kevin's first time on Saturday, my third.

Madeline, snacking in her back pack. We {heart} this back pack. I forgot we had it... and it is much beefier than the one you saw my dad wearing earlier in the day. (sorry dad) Strollers are not really an option when there are that many people and only a 3 foot walkway.

The first wall going up.

Designer John Littlefield was on site putting in the first wall. They filmed him getting it into place and then he stepped over to the right side (in the black shirt and pants) and hung out.
Carpenters, working hard. John Littlefield, hardly working.
That's the theme this week.

And because I can't get enough of this craziness, Kevin, my dad, my brother and I came back to see the progress. We got there at about 8pm.

They had all the exterior walls up and much of the interior framing was complete. They were taking in plumbing fittings and already assembled shower pipes. It was pretty cool.

This is my favorite photo so far.
We were there as they set the first section of the roof.
Wicked cool.

I have more from yesterday and today. (not that many more... but it actually looks like a house... which is what I am sure you are all waiting for...)

Anybody actually care about this? I just can't get enough. If this build was in any other community I probably wouldn't even go see it. But because it is literally around the corner I can't get enough. Yep. I'm crazy.



Sarah said...

I am reading it everyday. I think it is so fun and neat. Keep up the updates.

Molly said...

And you call me a goofball?

It is fascinating. You should offer that photo of the volunteer with the kids to EMHE... a first freelance photo job? Go for it! I love the shot of the house with all the workers swarming the scene and in the background you can see the neighbor's in their backyard, on the deck. Looks like they had company over for the viewing. How cool to have THAT perspective on the whole thing, eh?

It's going to be sad when it's all over, isn't it?

mGk said...

Honestly, I don't know what I am going to do with myself when it is all over. And what am I going to blog about?

Molly said...

Well, there's always Maddy-Lou-Who.