Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Festival

Yesterday was our town's fall festival. It is a community event with barbeque, music, and some inflatables for the kiddos. We didn't go.

So why am I blogging about it? The festival is just down the street from our house and at 9pm they shoot off fireworks. Lots of fireworks. About 400 yards from Madeline's bedroom window. Did I mention they were loud? And aplenty?

So at 9pm when they began shooting them off Kevin and I prepared for the inevitable. Last year Madeline slept through the fireworks, but they were smaller in scale and she was only 5 months old. This year we knew that she would be up almost immediately.

But she wasn't. She, who wakes up if I go to the bathroom during a nap, slept right through it. Not even a peep, or a rustle or anything!

I think she is a super hero. Her magic powers are the power of sleeping and the power to make her mommy and daddy smile even when we don't want to.


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Scribbit said...

Slept right through? Wish I had powers like that, I wake up at everything!