Wednesday, October 01, 2008

play-dough, a toilet and a tower

I said that my posts were going to be a bit random. This one is no exception. Actually, I think this is the exemplar. Anywho, enjoy the randomness.


On Monday I made some no cook salt dough (play dough) for Madeline. It is super easy and keeps in the fridge for at least a few weeks.

2c. all purpose flour
1c. salt
2T. veg. oil
2/3 c water
food coloring if desired

Mix wet and dry ingredients separately then mix the two together. This makes a TON of dough so I generally halve (or quarter) the dry ingredients and then add a dash of oil and water. I don't measure the water I just start out with a very small amount and mix in tablespoons at a time until I have the dough to the right consistency. Tip: If you put the food coloring in the water first, you end up with a more consistent color in the dough and much less mess.

September 29- Madeline playing with her dough. I didn't color it this time. (Honestly, the food coloring is down stairs in the basement pantry and I was too lazy to go get it.) I gave her a spoon, a spatula and some cookie cutters. She didn't quite get the cookie cutters, but enjoyed making marks with the spoon.

Although the dough is totally non-toxic and is made of edible products I kept reminding her that we don't eat it. She still didn't listen.

What is funny about this photo is that it looks like she is totally losing it. She was in fact NOT crying. She had ignored my urging her not to eat the dough and she wasn't thrilled with how salty the dough was. She wouldn't take a drink either. She just sat there with this look on her face drooling like a rabid dog. It was totally hilarious. (for me, not so much for her of course...) She didn't eat any more of it after that.

A Toilet

Madeline loves her swiffer. She has taken to carrying it around the house with her. She swiffers evreything; the floor, the cat, her highchair... and on this day she was helping mommy clean the bathroom. So she swiffered the toilet.

September 27
Do you see the beautiful new bathroom floors?!!? Someday I will post the 'finished' bathroom photos. It is almost there!

Madeline got this shirt from her cousins, Mia and Mazlin. It could not be more accurate for the phase Madeline has entered lately. It really is her way or the highway.

A Tower

Kevin was building towers out of blocks last Wednesday and Madeline would wait until he was almost finished before knocking them over, and giggling with glee. For Madeline it was a game. For Kevin it was an exercise in frustration. Eventually Madeline lost interest and Kevin built the most magnificent tower ever.

September 27- It stood for at least two hours, while Madeline napped, then she promptly knocked it down.

I think I am caught up. I hope you enjoyed some randomness!



Michelle said...

Send Madeline to visit me--she can swiffer to her hearts desire! She's definitely very independent!

Molly said...

Gotta love the random-ness!
She's turning into quite a funny little girl these days. And, yes, independent... That's a good way to frame it. Stubborn is another way! Although, lovably stubborn. Let's just call it assertiveness. Either way, I love every inch of her.