Friday, July 31, 2009

August 2009

Although it is coming to an end, this summer has truly been amazing. I am so in love with my family I can't stand it.

Photo for this month's masthead was taken by a very dear friend's 15 yr old cousin while visiting with them in Florida. She is super talented if you ask me... I have a bunch of really amazing photos from last week. Some I took, some she took. Maybe I'll get to that on Monday!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An appology to my brother

I wrote last week that posting would be light. Then I went ahead and scheduled a few posts to make myself feel better. It was like I was there all long. Little did I know last week that this week would find me even busier. So now my blog has suffered and so have you dear readers. I know you miss me! I miss you!

Anywho, let me start with an apology. I deleted a comment made by my own brother last week on this post. I didn't do it out of spite or dislike... totally the opposite... He had told my secret. I wasn't just busy last week. We were out of town. In Florida to be exact (more on this later...).

Over the (almost) 4 years this blog has been around, (omg has it really been that long?!?) I have taken certain measures to make sure my family is protected. I use our first names, but have never used a last name of ANYONE I have blogged about. I also have protected our address and specific location. I don't know if you have noticed, but I have not posted a photo of the exterior of our new home, or given any physical landmarks by which to identify it. I do not blog about employers or schools or daycares or babysitters. All things I do to keep my family safe. I also know that I could do more. Some people don't show thier children's faces, or use their full or real names. But I want this to be about our family. It is my record so I share as much as I am comfortable.

With that being said, there still might be a creep out there who has figured out something about our lives, and if they knew we were out of town might take that time to steal our stuff. How likely is that? Not very. Am I going to take the chance? No way.

So I apologize to my brother. Your comment was appreciated. Sorry I deleted it. I still love you.

Once I have dug out from under all my laundry I will post the highlights from our trip. We hung out at the pool, built sand castles on the beach and attended a beautiful beach wedding. It was a fantastic trip. So much so, I cried on the flight home b/c I wasn't really ready to come back.

I leave you with a sneak peek. I want to cry just looking at this photo. (I blame that on the hypnotic effect of the ocean and third trimester hormones...)


Friday, July 24, 2009

Grant's Farm

As if going to the transportation museum hadn't filled our quota of STL tourist attractions we also spent a day at Grant's Farm with Maw Maw and Paw Paw.

Even though it is pretty close to home this was Madeline's first trip to Grant's Farm. I hadn't been there in at least 3 years and Kevin hadn't been in he thinks is at least 10. When you don't have kids to take there isn't really any reason to go. (Well there is the free samples of Anheuser-Busch products, but that isn't really our thing, you know?)

We saw a TON of animals in the deer park including European Red Deer with huge (three foot) antlers and American Bison. They were all pretty close to the road too, so Madeline got a huge kick out of that.

Madeline, riding the tram through the deer park.

Then we fed the goats. We stayed on the outside of their pen because those suckers are aggressive! Although her face is a little mis-leading in this photo Madeline thought feeding goats a baby bottle was one of the coolest things ever!

Those goats slurped that milk down in no time flat!

Then it was off to the carousel, which is new to the Farm. Madeline has been on the one at the Zoo but never tires of riding around in circles.

Just look at that happy face!

Thank you Maw Maw and Paw Paw for a wonderful day out!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


I grew up in St. Louis. It wasn't until last week that I was told that I am slacking in my STL tourism duties by having NEVER visited the museum of transportation.

Granny and Poppy took Madeline and I for a visit. It was a pretty cool place it turns out.

Madeline's favorite was the train. Mainly b/c it moves and that is just plain exciting.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

tube socks

Madeline with a pair of Kev's socks. If you remember we promised never to put our child in tube socks. To be fair, she did this to herself.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slim down

This week is going to be super busy for us. All good stuff, promise. But that means that posting will be sparse. Just a warning. I have set a couple of drafts to auto post, but if those don't work I should be back full force with a lot to talk about come Monday!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

4th of July

Weeks later....

but here none the less. I am doing a bit of catch up and honestly there just hasn't been much going on around here.

Although rain delayed we took in the fourth of July parade. Kevin and Madeline spent most of their time under the umbrella or...

in the back of our Sister in law to be's car. Madeline found at least 30 minutes worth of entertainment out of the bungie cords in the back of the SUV. She hung them from a hook on the tailgate and made snakes out of them. Oh to be young and so easily entertained!


Friday, July 17, 2009

When the red red robin goes bob bob bobbin' along

I have mentioned before that several of my childhood "lullaby" songs are pretty grizzly in nature. But one of my favorites that I have passed on to Madeline is The Red Red Robin.


In the end she was really just more interested in grilled cheese than singing. (and she decided she needed her entire collection of bows on her head this morning. I just went with it.)

But that is a legitimate song... Dean Martin sings it!

I know the post with my other, less tame songs is coming. I just have to get my 82 year old grandmother to sing them for you. Songs about bloody cowboys always sound sweet when she sings them. (and no, I am not kidding... we were actually sung songs about bloody cowboys.)


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

27 weeks*

*Updated: I should really look at my calendar before I post these sorts of things... I am actually 27 weeks, not 26! Opps!

Tomorrow marks my 27th week of pregnancy. Which means I am officially into my 3rd trimester. I can hardly believe it. Most people know that the common idea of pregnancy is 9 months, but of course doctors count them by weeks. 40 of them to be exact. Which if you are even remotely good at simple addition, subtraction and more specifically division you know is actually 10 months. (40 weeks / 4 weeks per month = 10 months!) Doctors can be so cruel. So I have 14 weeks remaining, or 3 months!

Why do I even mention this now? Because I am starting to FREAK OUT! Why am I freaking out?!?!

#1- I am about to have two kids and that is sort of frightening to me. Madeline and I have our routines and now we are going to have to change them to accommodate this new little guy (or gal). I know this is in no way the end of the world, but I am just starting to realize that life is going to be complicated for a while. Life got complicated when Madeline was born and I don't know that it has ever really recovered and I am afraid of what #2 will do to the delicate balance that is my juggling act at the moment.

#2- The room we are planning to use as the baby's room is fithy. There are soda stains on the walls, and dog hair stuck in the base boards. (fyi...We have never drank soda up stairs, nor do we own a dog.) Which also means it isn't painted and I have no idea what color to paint it this time!!! Blue? (but that is what the old nursery was painted and I wasn't a huge fan of the color) Green? (but the room right next door is green and so were 50 percent of the rooms at the old house b/c when we can't aggree on a color we always aggreed on green.) Yellow? (now that seems really predictable and the hall is painted yellow and isn't that over kill?) I think I need therapy. Color therapy.

#3- I havn't had time to worry about #3, so when am I going to have time to care for a newborn?!?! ARGH!!
I have no idea why I was making that face, or grabing my belly...humm?

Ok... I know I will be fine. I just need to take some deep breaths and call Aunt B to come choose a color for me. (Bridget, you want to choose a paint color for me... you are the best at those things!)

One day at a time!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Because in 1 and 1/2 innings the All Star Game will be over

I have to post the last of our All Star Fan Fest photos now because tomorrow it will just be tacky. And you know me, I hate to be late with posting anything. (Like those 4th of July parade photos I promised and still haven't posted... no, not me!)

Madeline, hanging out in the mock club house.
"But Dad, you have to get me this Cardinal's chair. That is where my sippy cup goes!"

Hanging out with Pujols' jerseys.
"Ok Mom. Take the picture already."

A horrible photo of our family. But I HAD to have a photo of all three of us in our Cards get ups.
Madeline: "Don't make me say cheese again."
Kevin: "I am smiling because Mo says I have to."
Maureen: "Are you smiling? Madeline? Kevin? Look happy damn it. I said smile!"


For Uncle Bryan

It's All Star week here in the STL. With that comes exciting events, lots of increased revenue for our downtown area, and parking problems on our street. Argh!

Friday night the three of us headed down to the MLB Fan Fest to enjoy the festivities. We had fun, but didn't stop to do many of the activities because we had Madeline with us. Two year olds don't generally like standing in lines and most of the fun stuff had pretty long lines.

We did however, stop at some fun spots and Madeline played around.

Madeline, the future of American Softball.

Madeline, hitting home runs in the kiddo batting cages.

For uncle Bryan, who told her to find Fred Bird and say Hi! Sorry, this is the best we could do. The real one must have gone back to his nest for the evening by the time we got there.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

A conversation with a 26 month old

Conversations from this morning.

Me: Madeline, you need to eat your eggs.
Madeline: But they not green?
Me: No, scrambled eggs are yellow.
Madeline: I don't like yellow eggs. I like green eggs.
Me: Why?
Madeline: Sam I am!


As I walk into her play room:
Madeline: I playing.
Me: Yes. You are playing with your Potatoes*.
Madeline: I like playing alone. You can go away.

*Mr. Potato Heads


And so it begins

It is 4:25am.

I have been awake for the better part of the last hour.

I feel like my chest is on fire because of acid reflux.

No matter what position I am in I am uncomfortable in bed.

There is absolutely NOTHING on network television at 4:25am.

I guess this is the begining of three months of tossing and turning. (If my previous pregnancy was any indication.)


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer Perfection

Today was a perfect summer day.

Kevin had the day off and started his day even earlier than he does when he works. He was up and golfing with a 6am tee time. I think he is crazy. He thinks he's crazy.

Madeline and I had a lazy morning and after Kevin returned home and we ate lunch we all headed to the pool.

A little more than an hour later we returned home and we all napped. It was glorious.

Dinner was yummy and then Madeline and I did an art project (photos later) and played in the hose while Kev did a ton of yard work.

Now we are all exhausted and headed to bed. I LOVED this day!


Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The need for Swed

That is right, I need an Ikea*.

Why do you ask?

#1- well constructed, solid wood furniture that doesn't break the bank.

#2- wonderfully whimsical children's textiles (like the ones on Madeline's new toddler bed)

#3- the desire to not spend hours in the car and tons of $$ on gas to get to Chicago. (although my girl trip in November (where I took the above photo) was awesome and I would be doing it again in the Fall if it weren't for #2's impending arrival!!)

#4- this

#5- two words: Swedish meatballs

#6- three words: shrimp on toast

#7- inexpensive frames and artwork that are actually stylish

#8- curtains I would actually hang in my house (and can actually afford)

#9- If you read these comments, specifically the J-teams, that is reason #9

#10- did I mention this chair?

This top ten list only scratches the surface. I didn't mention this, this OR this!

There are have been many rumors that the STL area is getting an Ikea. Unfortunately they are just rumors. I wonder what I would have to do to get an Ikea here... I can be pretty persuasive. If only I could get Anna to actually listen to me.

*Don't know what Ikea is? Shame on you, and go here to educate yourself in the wonder that is this Swedish retail sensation!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Water wings

Madeline is totally our daughter. Kevin and I both love the water. I swam competitively most of my life. Kevin just loves playing around although he did surprise me a few years ago in a freestyle race. He gave me a serious run for my money.

Scott and Becky were in town for the last two weeks and we spent a lot of time in Scott's mom's pool. Madeline shows no fear around the water. That is both a good thing and a bad thing.

She loves the water and I never want her to fear being in the pool. Last year we took some mommy and me swim classes and there was one little girl in particular who clung to her mother for dear life and cried and screamed and was bribed with food to simply put her toes in the water on her own. I NEVER want that to be Madeline.

However, Madeline jumps from the side of the pool with such ease that it makes me worry. She can't swim. Although she tries, oh how she tries. At one point last night she wanted out of my arms and just launched herself out towards Kevin. Although I would never let her go, with her arms paddling and her legs kicking she is just moments from being a fish.

With the summer not even half over I know there is plenty of time to build her skills. If only I could grow two or three more arms to help wrangle her!


Monday, July 06, 2009

Getting it together

Look what I did!

I am not generally a very organized person. That is why these four labeled bins are so exciting to me.

I hope to get the rest of the toys on the shelves into bins at some point. They aren't as easily contained as blocks and little people. Any ideas out there? These are just bins from Walmart and I like them because you can see into them, so the toys are not hidden AND because Madeline can get them open herself. The latches are tight enough to hold them shut but not tight enough to stop her from opening them.


Sunday, July 05, 2009


That is the number of trees that Kevin and Scott removed from our yard this week. Although we love the new house, we were left with a huge mess in the yard. There was 0 landscaping done by the previous owners and what is left is really overgrown. Kevin has already taken out two trees by himself along with at least three or four bushes. (Huge honeysuckles and such) There is still a long way to go, but it is getting better.

I feel it necessary to document this huge project, mainly b/c it involved a chain saw!

Scott wielding a chain saw.

Kevin, making sure the tree falls in our yard and not on the neighbor's new fence/car!

Scott, taking a break on the garage roof.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009


Kevin and his BFF Scott cut down 7 seven trees in our yard this week. None of them were particularly large, but they were large enough to necessitate a chain saw. I was nervous to say the least. Both Scott and Kevin have all of their fingers and toes. The only injury was, of course, to Madeline.

They had put the chain saw away, but there were still some tree trunks on the ground and Madeline decided to try to climb up on them. Before anyone could stop her she had stumbled and scraped her face. This photo was taken minutes after and looks much worse than it is. She now has a scrape on her nose and a tiny mark under her eye. She was scared more than anything. I think I would be too if 5 grown ups started running towards me frantically asking if I was OK. (Kevin, Scott, Me, My Mom and case you were wondering who the five were.)

See that cute little smile? She is just fine.

Tomorrow is a holiday... so there should be photos... and I still own you photos from yesterday. I will get to it very, very soon.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

oh so tired

No time to blog. I must go to sleep. We had the perfect summer night tonight. Barbeque, swimming and friends. It doesn't get better than that. More about all that tomorrow... until then. Sweet dreams.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Fourth

My favorite Holiday is only three days away. I am all atwitter!

(and so is our new masthead!)