Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So it's November

Yep. November.

I am so behind on this here blog that I feel like my online community card must be expired by now. Is that even possible?

So what have I missed... a lot. I have Lydia's birthday part and a one year update for her and Halloween and I am sure there is a million other things I should be blogging about.

And yes. I am fully aware my header says September. I should never have started a monthly header. EVER. Lesson learned. Look for something less timely in the future. (but don't count on it being the near future... )

And the photo on this post? Part of a blog post that I may or may not EVER get around to writing. It is a good one. Now I have set you up to be disappointed. Isn't that great? Now I feel guilty. Maybe I will write that post sooner than later. I hate to disappoint people.

Don't tell me I'm a disappointment. Even if I am... just lie to me. Please. Then maybe I'll post more. See, it's all on you.

Love ya.