Friday, August 29, 2008

As always...

yesterday was better. Today is not as good as yesterday but better than Thursday. I don't have time for a long post or to even begin my laundry list of stress causing factors, but I wanted to let you know that your comments make me feel so much better.

Comments are what keep me blogging and it is so nice to know that there is someone (or someones) out there caring about the mundane details of my life. Trust me, I care about your mundane too. (sometimes more than I think is sane, but not unhealthy. I'm starting to sound a little stalker-ish.)

I realized today that I haven't downloaded photos off of my camera since mid-August. Under normal circumstances there would be hundreds of photos on the camera. Unfortunately there are only about 30. I miss my camera. (and I truly believe it misses me.) Some day very soon I am going to feel caught up enough to take some time for me and my camera.

Until then, I am going to sit down with a cup of tea in a pretty cup, take some deep breaths, and be thankful that it is Friday. I love your comments and I am going to be putting your advice to use.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stressed out

Oh how I wish I could pur my heart out and tell you all the details of my stress. Until then this comic does a really great job.

*Comic courtesy of Garfield minus Garfield. Check it out. It is hilarious.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Pigs fly

Three posts in one day. It is a blogger's feast.

This morning's dance party. Enjoy!


Happy Anniversary

One year ago today our friends Scott and Becky got married!

Since then, Scott went back to Iraq to finish his tour with the U.S. Army, Becky packed up their lives to be shipped to Hawaii, he came back and Becky moved to HI, they have successfully combined their lives, purchased a vehicle, survived an ant infestation, Becky has found a job, taken a million photographs and now have gotten word that at some point they will be going some where. (Don't you love the military and their "plans.") And, they still have smiles on their faces just like the ones below.

I'd say that is a successful first year of marriage. Congratulations!

**For Scott and Becky: Happy Anniversary! We know you can't be together on your special day, but know that we are thinking about you and hoping you both have a wonderful celebration when you are together next week. We love you! ~Maureen, Kevin and Madeline


Because I don't have enough to do already

If you haven't read the comments for the last post I suggest you do. It will explain this post and make you laugh. Go here to read them.

Molly is my mom. Bridget is my aunt; Molly's sister. They crack me up.

Without further ado, and because I don't have anything BETTER to do today...

The music in the back ground is my cousin Ryan's band, Rum Drum Ramblers... I have a clip of Maddy dancin' to the beats but that will wait for later... (Ryan is Bridget's son.)

For now Madeline and I are just hangin' at home today. The car is in the shop for a major service and b/c of weird electronic issues. (What is with our cars and electronic issues?) Anywho, I have a long list of chores I would like to get done today including finishing laundry, ironing (argh), cleaning the kitchen, and of course finishing lesson plans for tomorrow. And that is just the must do's not my optional list... that is much longer!

Off I go.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Apology

I am sorry my dear blog friends. I have neglected you so. I do love you. I do.

That said, my absence is probably going to continue. Why? Because I am one busy girl.

I am teaching three classes this semester. All three are different subjects. Which means three different lesson plans two time a week. I might just loose my mind... one can only hope I can keep it together... I am sure I can. (that is glass half full if you were wondering...)

Madeline is well. She is enjoying a break from my constant camera in her face. I miss it, but I will get back some day soon. I am planning a monster post some day in the future with a major update on Madeline's accomplishments. (Like today when I asked her what color the block in her hand was she said, "ong" correctly identifying the block as orange. She is a freaking genius!) I feel I have neglected her progress most and isn't this blog suppose to be all about Madeline?

And my bathroom? Let's just say that my earlier post about how simple projects turn into major ordeals could not be more true. The new floor is really looking good and I think Kev and his dad have the toilet on and not leaking now. (three wax rings later... it's a good thing they are cheep.) Madeline is spending the night with Grandma and is blissfully unaware of the craziness that is continuing here at home. **I just got word that the toilet is working!!! YEAH!!!**

So photos to come. Some day. Soon I hope. First, I am off to work on lesson plans and to write an exam.


Thursday, August 21, 2008


I am half way through my day and with the help of your comments and a boost from my mother I am doing ok. I haven't called Angie yet to see how Madeline is doing... I wanted to get the class stuff out of the way (e-mail, syllabus copied, etc.) but I am going to log out and go call right now. I am sure she is fine. Because of you I'm fine too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

'Twas the night before school

and again, I can't stop.

That's right, my brain just won't stop thinking. When I was a kid the night before school would start I would get myself all worried and stressed out and I wouldn't be able to sleep. By the time I hit high school I had mellowed out some and didn't have the same first day jitters. Then in college it started again, but only for the first year at Truman and then the first year at the 'bonne. I really feel like I am 9 years old and starting 4th grade tomorrow. (is that how old you are in 4th grade? I have no idea, and my brain is too full to do simple math.)

So my syllabi are finished and printed. My assignements are ready to be given. My lesson plan is ready for delivery. My outfit is chosen and my sack lunch is packed (thanks to my wonderful and lovely husband!) So what is left?

I am obsessing about school because I think the real problem is Madeline. Not that she is a problem, but I am leaving her ALL day tomorrow with a non-family member. For the first time. Ever.

I totally trust Angie, the sitter and Madeline and I have visited with her three times in the last few weeks. Madeline loves it at her house. There is a basement full of new and exciting toys, kids to play with and shelves full of books. Theres is even a real live baby to stare at. She pets him like a cat and calls him 'Ah-la' her word for Olive, our cat. It's so darn cute.

And I think that is my problem. She is going to be cute all day long, and I am going to miss it. I made the choice to stay at home because I couldn't imagine missing these days with her. But it's all about the Benjamins and I have to do something to bring in some extra funds. So I am teaching three classes at the 'bonne this semester. I really do enjoy teaching. It is a lot of work but I love the student interactions and I like preparing lesson plans and grading and what not. I am just going to miss my Madeline.

Ok I feel better. Just getting it out feels better. I am a rational person and I know that she will be fine. She probably won't even know that I am gone until I come back. Just my luck right?

Ok, off to watch the gold medal match for Olympic sand volleyball. GO USA!

And while you are surfing the blogsphere: Go meet my brother. He's new school. And wicked cool.


Millions of Peaches, Peaces for me

I posted a photo of peaches here. Then my good friend Jenny's husband Aaron posted a comment with this link. I just had to share.

And why did I have to share? First, and most importantly, every time Kevin walked past that gorgeous bowl of peaches last week, that is the song he sung. Oh, how I love that man! Even 14 years after we met, he still makes me smile. Second, I love me some ninjas!

Thank you Aaron for the link! You rock! (Jenny posted a list of 100 things about her... check it out here.)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Phase II

The bathroom project continues with phase II today. I am sanding the cabinet, doors and drawers and Kevin is taking up the floors. (See phase I here and here.)

I think it should be noted that every time a project is started with the mindset "oh, this will be no big deal" it turns into a day long mess.

From now on I am heading into all home projects thinking it will take us 2 days and be surprised when changing the light bulbs only takes 30 seconds.

No photos right now... but I am sure there will be some once we get the floors, yes, floorS up. I never posted photos after phase I so I will get photos of the re-plastered and re-painted walls too.


Friday, August 15, 2008

What I love about summer

I picked these peaches off the trees with my own two hands. They are both gorgeous and delicious. I love peaches. They are what I love about summer.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Madeline and Madeline

This is a longer post than I thought it would be...bare with me! It's mostly photos anyway!

Kevin, Madeline (Maddy) and I met Madeline (Maddie), Anna and Joe at MoBot yesterday for a great day at the garden! We had Gus's preztels for lunch, (thank you Anna and Joe!) and played for hours!

Madeline has discovered slides and LOVES them! Look at that crazy slide hair! I love it!

Maddie, being a mountain goat. Maddy, being a penguin. (What other animal slides?)

It wouldn't be a trip to MoBot without a visit to the Japanize garden and the Koi pond.
I love this photo. Maddy sure loves her Daddy! (I love him too!)

Peaking at the fishies.

Maddie, Anna, Joe, Maddy and Kevin hangin' with the Koi. Joe was the favorite, he had the food.

Love, love, love this photo!
Not as much as I love, love, love the two subjects of course!

Maddie was rocking her lolli-top! I love that little grin!

My husband really is a trooper. He has been to MoBot twice this summer... and although that isn't his favorite place in the world he is warming up to it. We went to the children's garden for the first time and he was impressed. It brought out the kid in him and I could see that he can't wait for Madeline to get more mobile so she can keep up with him as he climbs in the tree houses! It won't be very long!


Your request, granted

My dear friend Michelle asked to see the hair cut I referred to a couple of posts ago. Of course I don't want to disappoint!

I have a love hate relationship with my hair in the late summer. I love this hair cut, but I hate the fact that when it is this humid I end up looking more like a Q-tip. Of course, this photo was taken on a good day!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My First...


I got some tempera paint at Bradburns last week and I have been dying to get Madeline all messy. My first thought was to do it outside, but then I thought it through... she is only 15 months old. Her attention span is very short for these sorts of activities. I would have spent 30 minutes setting up the painting and then cleaning it up afterward, only to have had her paint for what, 5 minutes tops?!? So we settled for the high chair.

Isn't it a master piece?


Thanks Dad

Yesterday was kinda crazy. I taught and then ran some errands. Then because the weather was wonderful, I decided to take Madeline to the pool. I invited my dad, Poppy, to go along with us.

We had a grand old time. At one point my dad asked if I was wearing make up. I totally forgot that I was wearing mascara from teaching in the morning. Not water-proof of course. I asked how bad it was, and his answer, "Oh, not that bad."

I spent the next hour or so hanging out in the pool. I even approached a very stylish mom, to ask where she had gotten her swimming suit. (Because is was very cute.)

When I got home, this is the horror that I found:

Look at that hair! (I can assure you my new hair cut is so much cuter than that in "real" life!) And although it doesn't look so bad in this photo I can assure you that I look like I have two black eyes! No wonder the young lifeguard manning the pool house gave me a weird look when I told him the ladies room trashcan was full.

So thanks dad. Next time I'll make sure to wash my face first!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary M & D!

My parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today. Yep, 30th!

My mother called this morning and informed me that the 30th anniversary is the "pearl" anniversary. I don't know if she is expecting real pearls, or just pearls of wisdom, but after 30 years of marriage you'd think she should be the one to be giving me the advice.

My advice, have a great time at dinner tonight!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Madeline and I will have a "cheers" for you at dinner tonight.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Dinner with my 'first' family

A long time ago in a land far far away I worked as a nanny.

Ok, so it wasn't that long ago, or very far away, but from where I am in my life now compared to where I was when I was nannying it seems like it! This weekend Kevin, Madeline and I had dinner with the family I nannied for. They are an amazing family and I don't get to see them nearly enough.

Madeline got some serious swag too! They got her the coolest toys as a late birthday present!
Sophie, 8, is in the blue shirt and Molly, 15, is just to the left of me.

Sophia was just 2 months old when I started nannying for her. It is amazing to see how much she has grown up! I call her my practice baby. I think she turned out pretty good, but I can't take all the credit of course!

Sophia was so sweet to Madeline. She watched over her all night long and kept her entertained. She is going to be an excellent babysitter in the very near future!

Sorry about the wide shot of my backside but I wanted to make sure to get a photo of Kiki on here too. (Somehow this is the only one we got... she is on my right.) Kiki was 4 and in preschool when I started watching her and now she is an almost 13 year old young woman! For some reason I see the change in her to be a lot more dramatic. I guess when I stopped watching them Molly was already on her way to being a teenager, and Sophia is still a kid in many ways, but in the time I have been gone Kiki has gone from a kid to a teenager. That change seems really very dramatic to me! She is a beautiful young woman... (as they all are) but it is amazing to see how much she has grown!

Thank you my 'first' family for a wonderful evening! We love and miss you!


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Granny!

July 28

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day. (Even if I did stick you with your grandbaby for a few hours!)

I know it is a little late in the day but we have been busy... more on that tomorrow.

We love you!

Maureen, Kevin and Madeline

I have more photos from July 28th that I don't think I ever shared and they are funny so I am usurping this birthday post to blog about my daughter... It's my blog right.

Madeline, playing an outdoor marimba with Granny.

We forgot our swimming suit...

But she just wanted to head to the swings anyway.

We let Poppy chase her down.


Friday, August 08, 2008


Happy 8.8.08 to all. Anyone else totally stoked about the Olympics starting today?!?! I am going to a jewelry party tonight, so I won't get to see all the opening festivities, but I can't wait to see all the coverage over the next few weeks. Normally I don't have the TV on during the day at all. But I think the Olympic will be the exception to this rule! WHOO WHOO!!

I feel a little behind in my blogging so let me catch you up. So Madeline spiked a fever of 103.6 on Tuesday afternoon. We took her to the dr. Wednesday morning and he said it was most likely a virus and although her throat was a little red her fever had gone away on its own and not to worry.

Thursday afternoon however I noticed a bunch of splotches on Madeline's neck. I lift up her shirt and she has a rash all over her torso! ARGH!! I call the dr. and they say it is probably b/c of the virus and fever she had on Tuesday and it should go away. This morning she still looks like this:
(click on the photo to make it larger... I know it is hard to see.)

She has red bumps all over her front and back, down in her diaper and on her face. They don't seem to be bothering her. She isn't scratching and she hasn't been particularly fussy but they look horrible.

She is using the thermometer as a phone. She kept saying, "hi Dada, hi Dada..."

When I call the dr. this morning they said that if she doesn't have a fever and if they don't get any worse they don't need to see her. Although that is good for my wallet (I don't need another $30 co-pay) it is not really good for my piece of mind. It is hard to see your baby looking like that!

Lounging on her sofa.

Although as you can tell from the photo above she is no worse for the wear. I didn't put her in clothes until after lunch today so she's been hangin' out in her dipe. I love nakey babies!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dear Madeline,

It is 6:15am. Two hours before you normally awake for your days. What did I do wrong in this world? Oh the humanity! I usually have these two hours to check my blogs, shower, dry my hair, put on my "face" and eat breakfast.

So please excuse me if I plop you in front of the TV and make you watch Sesame Street while I get ready for my day. You may only be 15 months old, but it is never to early to start you watching the boob tube right? That should buy me a good 15 minutes. That's enough time to shower, dry my hair, eat breakfast, put on make up. Right? My Blogs will just have to wait. Argh.




Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This one's for you Granny

My mom likes "the distorted" photos. Madeline climbed up on my chest the other day and this is the shot I got.

August 4


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hangin' with Poppy

Madeline spent some time on Friday hangin' out with Poppy.

August 1- Madeline is quite the talent when it comes to playing the piano. If only we could get her to actually play with her toes. What a talent that would be huh?

August 1- "Play that song again Poppy!"
I love this photo of Madeline and my dad. He was singing to her and she is just lovin' every minute of it!


Monday, August 04, 2008

Best idea ever

I have retired from the world of swiffering. Cinder-Madeline has taken over those duties. As you can see, my floors have never been cleaner.

July 30

All you have to do is take the two center sections out of a swiffer mop and it is perfectly toddler sized. If only I could explain to her that the micro-fiber couches don't need to be swiffered.


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Baseball and Beer

I have never had a beer at a baseball game. I don't really like the stuff, and why spent $8.50 for 12oz!!!! That has never stopped me from coming home from a game smelling of the stuff.

Yes, for the millionth time I had beer spilled on me. The guy behind me dropped his cup and it splattered all over my seat and down my back. I just looked at Kevin and started laughing. This is at least the fourth time I have had beer spilled on me in the last three years. (And one of those years we had series tickets in the last row of the upper deck...)

How many times has Kevin had beer spilled on him?

Never. In his entire life. Ever.

I used to come home from Blues or Cardinal games in high school scared that my mom would think I was out boozin' it up. I am a beer magnet and tonight was no exception.

Thank you to Beth and Bryan for the tickets. Really, thank you. We had a great time and they are great seats!


Need a freelance writer?

Call Fern. Her family got some unexpected and unpleasant news yesterday. Let's just say her husband's employment status has changed. So you need a freelance writer? Give Fern a ring. I am sure she wouldn't mind.

If you don't need a writer, at least send some positive energy her way. They could use that too.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Maddy Monster, in pictures

These photographs were taken literally moments apart on Wednesday night.

One moment, screaming inconsolably.

The next, peaceful for no apparent reason.

Yep, that is the monster. These teeth can't come in fast enough.