Friday, September 05, 2008

Cha Cha Cha Changes...

sing it, you know, like David Bowie circa 1971. Click here if you still don't know what I am talking about. And if that is the case, shame on you.

As you can see I have changed my masthead. (That is unless you are using a reader of some sort, then shame on you. OK, not really I am just all up on my high horse today aren't I?!?) Again, one of Madeline's many faces.

You might also notice that I am playing with a new title for our little blog. mGk just isn't that exciting nor does it give a potential reader any idea of what this blog is about. So, what do you think? {I am toddler. Hear me roar.} It seems pretty appropriate for this phase in our lives. It is the most clever thing I can come up with. Honestly. Any of you extremely cleaver and creative people out there have any ideas, or suggestions? I am open to ideas.

For now I hope you enjoy the new masthead. I do.

**Updated** to include masthead photo. 2.1.09



Tara said...

I love it. And yes I was using a reader but had to come over and check it out!! I love the expression on her face. Pricless!!

alw said...

I love it too! It's a keeper!

j&j said...

Adorable! :)