Thursday, June 30, 2011

A world full of awesome

I am currently blogging while sitting at the pool. Madeline is taking the last class of four weeks of lessons (she's the blur with the orange noodle in the above photo) and I am roasting on the pool deck.

I am so excited this mobile blogging thing worked. I mean now I can blog about how the pool deck social structure reminds me of an sixth grade lunch table WHILE sitting at a table ALONE. Honestly. Why have social situations gotten no less awkward as I age? And I am super extroverted and will talk to ANYONE! Just ask my husband, I drive him nuts sometimes with my ability to go to the super market for cheese and come home with a new BFF.

Ok, I exaggerate... A little.

Why is it that the pool deck, or playdates or play grounds can magically transport me back to junior high?

See?!?! This phone blogging thing is going to be legen...wait for it...dary!!!


I may have figured out how to post with photos from my phone. This could be awesome!

Lydia at MoBot, June 24

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Madeline is 4, part 1

So over a month ago Madeline turned four. Yeah, I'm behind. Like very very very behind. Don't remind me.

So although I never intended it this way it seems we have a tradition of going to the zoo to celebrate Madeline's birthday! This is the third year in a row we've spend her birthday at the zoo with friends. (Read about her second and third birthdays by clicking on the links.)

We started the day on the carousel. I should have cropped these photos better than I did, but click on it to see her HUGE smile a little better.

And did you see Lydia's terrified expression? I'll wait while you go back to look.

Totally worth a second look huh? Comedy gold I tell ya!

And because I am posting this way after the fact but just a few days after father's day I wanted to post this photo because if that expression isn't the look of love I don't know what is.

Good God I love that man!

Back to the zoo....

As soon as I snapped this photo I remembered a similar photo I took almost three years earlier. This girl needs to stop growing up so fast. Stop it I tell ya!

Although Madeline loved the zoo animals there was one person who really made her day:

This is Scott, Kevin's best friend and Madeline's birthday buddy. He and his wife and brand new baby girl (eep!) just happen to be in town for Madeline's birthday (which also happens to be Scott's birthday). This might just be one of my favorite photos of Madeline ever. She and Scott have a very special bond and the love and admiration is mutual.

A huge thank you to Anna, Madeline and Cullen and Scott, Becky and Eliza for joining us in celebration of Madeline's 4th birthday! It was a great day and I am so glad she got to share part of it with you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well hello there!

You ARE still there, right?

I've had conversations with a few of you (my mother and mother-in-law, auntie B, Michelle, Adrienne, etc...) and heard through the grapevine (am looking at you Deb!) that there are still a few of you out there looking in on our little bligity blog.

Life is crazy but I am here to give you what you really want:

I like to think I am witty and clever*, but I know the reason y'all are here is for those little smileys.

With faces like this

and this

I simply can't blame you.

I have the pleasure of seeing these lovely faces each and every day. Why wouldn't I share?

I also know that I should be blogging the ridiculous stories of my life. Like how Madeline is enjoying swimming lessons while I stand on the side of the pool deck with the other mothers feeling like I am back in Jr.High as one of the uncool kids. Or regaling you will all of the hilarious stuff that comes out of Madeline's mouth on a DAILY BASIS! Instead I am going to bed at 10pm and silently kicking myself for leaving my laptop cord out where the cat could chew on it and (yet again) short it out.**

Oh, and just to show how on top of things I am today (yeah me!) today is the summer solstice and the official start to summer. In celebration! I give you, A BRAND SPANKIN' NEW HEADER! (Click here if you are using a reader!)

So until we meet again, which I hope won't be so very long!

*Why is it that I can't type clever without first typing cleaver. I should cut that out. {insert cheesy rim shot here} Cleaver, cut that out, get it? Yeah, I didn't think so.
** I won't use that as an excuse because I wasn't blogging before she got her pointy little teeth on it but I soooo want to!