Saturday, April 30, 2011

Madeline's very big day

I skipped the Tuesday Ten this week for a very important reason.

Madeline had her spring concert.

Now if you have never been to a preschool concert you have never fully lived. Why you ask? Because the 40+ kiddos in Madeline's school invite their 200+ family members and we all crowd into the sanctuary of church to watch our little darlings sing songs and fidget with their clothing.

And they there are the mama and paparazzi, aka. the swarm of parents trying to get the money shot of their child. You know the one. Where they are smiling adorably and don't have a finger up their nose. Yep, that's the one.

Then the 40+ preschoolers and their 200+ family members crowd into the fellowship hall where these hyped up 2-5 year olds are then presented with a table full of sweets just minutes from bed time. (or after bedtime in the case of my little sleepy darlings!)

OH and the PUNCH!! It isn't a church function without punch! Red punch which ends up mostly on the carpet or clothing. I don't know if I've ever ACTUALLY tasted church punch... Hmmmm...

It is truly a cultural experience.

But I digress... This post is about Madeline right? Right.

To say that Madeline was excited about her concert was an understatement. Kevin and I have learned when it comes to events it is best to give Madeline very few details and general time frames.

For example: Her birthday is coming up so we keep telling her it is next week but give her no more details than that.

But this concert was the talk of the classroom and she was amped up to the max for it. She started asking the previous week when her concert was and if we could go now and who was going to be there and what she was going to wear and what treats we were going to bring and if there were other parents and if they were all there to watch her and if she could wear tights and what the temperature was going to be and if all her friends would be there and what color the carpet was and how long we would all stay and and and

Catch my drift?

By 2pm the day of the concert Madeline was already in full on crazy mode. Jumping up and down, talking non stop and asking the above questions just at the rate of the micro machines guy.

By 3pm she took it upon herself to get dressed in her "fancies." Even after I explained that she had to STOP JUMPING UP AND DOWN if she was going to be wearing fancy clothes. (This kinda worked.)

By 4pm she was pacing the floors and asking every 20 to 30 seconds when we were going to be leaving.

At 5pm we were having dinner and she temporarily forgot about the excitement to come but by 6pm she was back in full out BRING IT! mode. (It is imporant to note that during dinner Madeline went the the bathroom three times.)

At 6:30pm (after visiting the rest room one more time) we left her in her classroom with her teacher who afterwards told Kevin that she was literally bouncing off of the furniture. (The teacher made note of this because this unusual behavior for Madeline at school... at home all bets are off.)

At 7pm the program started.

skidamarinky dinky dink, skidamarinky do

I love you!

I don't know if you can tell from her flailing hands, but Lydia was impressed and very entertained!

It is at this point, a little more than half way through her program that Madeline runs out the side door with her teacher. Why? So she can go to the bathroom! Ugh.

But she returned to finish the show with flair!

Madeline was fantastic.

By 7:10pm it was all over.

We stayed just long enough to eat a cookie and thank her teachers and then we were out of there. Madeline was so proud of herself but not as proud as we were. It is amazing to see how fearless she is. She knows no stranger and loves to perform with her class mates. What an amazing love for life this girl has. She teaches me more about living each and every day. Amazing.

Oh and what did 8pm look like?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lydia is 18 months old!

28# 8oz
33 3/8"
Both weight and height are in the 90th percentile. She is looking good and large and in charge! She has 12 teeth, 6 on top and 6 on bottom, including four molars but none of her canine (or eye) teeth.

Gross Motor
Lydia loves to climb. She's been able to navigate up the stairs for some time now and just in the last month or so she has really been working on going down stairs. I honestly think it is because she wants out into the yard! There are four stairs to get down into the yard and to the play set and that is totally her motivation! She scoots down on her bottom, which isn't my preferred method of descending stairs at this age, but she has a mind of her own.

In just the last few days she has mastered climbing up on to the dining room chairs. She has now begun pushing chairs up to the table, the windows, the kitchen counter.... this opens up a whole new world of trouble.

She loves to run and is getting much better at navigating uneven ground, like the promise land that is our back yard. In an effort to be just like her big sister she does her best to skip and jump. It is truly one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.

Fine Motor
Unlike her older sister Lydia eats most of her meals with her fork or spoon. While Madeline has to be reminded that her utensils are RIGHT THERE Lydia uses them consistently. She is relatively neat too which is an added bonus. It is when she puts them down and throws the food off her tray that we have the real mess!

Lydia likes to color, but only because she finds crayons delicious. We are working on it though!


Elmo (and let it be known she has watched Sesame Street twice in her life... that little red guy has made a huge impression on her!)
mo (more)
pees (please)
um-nums (m&ms)

and I KNOW there are more. She has a language explosion a couple of weeks ago and I know she has more words, I just can't think of them at the moment.

Social Development
Lydia loves her family and friends. When we are around those she is familiar with, she warms up quickly and is a happy little bits. But in public, she is my shy guy. I think she is used to having her sister as a buffer when we are out in public so when someone she doesn't know talks to her or she feels I am too far away she expresses her concern.

Although she has a little more stranger danger she is still a very social girl. She loves singing songs and doing finger plays (like if your happy and you know it and itsy bitsy spider, etc.) and initiates these songs and games.

When we were sick last month she got into a pattern of being whiny and clingy that hasn't really stopped even though she is feeling better. She can be a challenge and has learned exactly what buttons to push to get the full attention of each family member.
  • She likes to bite me or walk off with items from the kitchen
  • to get Madeline's goat she takes her toys and pulls her hair
  • and to get Kevin's full attention she sticks her sticky little fingers on the televison or computer screens.
At least we know she is smart, right?

She loves her big sister and wants to be just like her and do everything she does. That relationship is amazing to watch. As a parent there something unique and amazing about watching the love between siblings grow!

That is our 18 month old. Time is going so quickly. Somedays I just want to yell slow down!
Lydia at 1 year, 9 months, 6 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months.

All photos taken with my iPhone and processed with the instagram app.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

Today we:
  • let Madeline climb into bed with us so we could squeeze a little more sleep out of our morning (it didn't work)
  • hunted eggs filled with 'um-nums' (Lydia's word for M&Ms) left by the Easter bunny
  • ate bacon and eggs for breakfast
  • had a "lazy" morning around the house with sugared up squirrels running from room to room
  • spent lunch with Kevin's family and had a truly lovely time as the girls were spoiled and sugared up
  • ate ham
  • went straight to dinner with my family where the girls were spoiled some more and given more sugar
  • ate more ham
  • AND I got a photo of the four of us! This is HUGE. (for me at least...)
I'd say it was a pretty awesome day.

How did you celebrate this wonderful day?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Adios Sugar Maple

Note: I have no idea why but I can't get the captions to format near the pictures so I apologize in advance.

Way back in the day, otherwise known as early March, our house was caught in a pretty strong wind storm that took out a large portion of a large maple tree in our back yard. After consulting with a few tree guys it was determined that it would be best if the tree was removed. We hated to see it go, but without yearly maintenance it was unsafe to leave up. It fell on the play set in March and the parts left were the ones that would have fallen on either the house/deck, or our cars. We got lucky the first time and we didn't want to tempt fate. The tree removal was a multi-day process and kept the girlies more entertained than I would have imagined.

We knew the tree was big but it wasn't until the stump was exposed that we realized just HOW large it was.

Once the tree came down Madeline asked me how old it was. When I told her I didn't know she told me we needed to go out side and count its annual rings. I had no idea she even knew about the rings on a tree so I was impressed. Kids really are sponges and take in way more information that we give them credit for. Poppy was kind enough to help us count them. Our estimation was about 85 years old!

We are sad to see it go. It provided way more shade and wind protection than we realized. We have plans to plant another tree but in a different spot. Any suggestions? I want it big, Kevin isn't so sure... any thoughts?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. XVI

I have recently discovered Pinterest and I am *kinda* addicted. (and by kinda I mean very) So to honor my new found love of this combination of social media and blogging this week's Tuesday Ten is Ten of my favorite finds from Pinterest this week!


I couldn't find these exact zinnia at our local garden center, but they inspired me to plant two different varieties in our garden this year. I think zinnias are lovely!

I love these wall butterflies! I want to whip up a few (dozen) and hang them in Madeline's bed room ASAP!

Fun Food Fridays? Yes, Please!

This post makes me want to head to the fabric store to purchase yards of satin to turn into the gorgeous bouquet.

And from the same blog as the flowers above I found this tutorial. I need these.

I believe this to be true with ever taste bud I have. Dr. Pepper is the key to world domination.

As soon as we have a storm door and I feel like it is safe to put wreaths on our front door again I am totally making one of these. Genius!

I am planning a rainbow birthday party for Madeline and this is on the top of my list of things to make!!!

Pinterest as also introduced me to a menagerie of sweets that I can not wait to try. Like this owl cup cake that is almost too cute to eat. And homemade Girl Scout Samoa Cookie bars? Oh Yeah. And who is going to make these for me? Anyone?

Ok, now I'm hungry.

So you want to know more about Pinterest? Check our their information page here. Right now they are still in the Beta phase so you have to request and invitation, but if you know someone who is a Pinterest user (like me!) you can ask them to invite you to join the pinning. Why do I love it so much? I read a million blogs with google reader and although you can star specific posts there is no way to organize them by subject. For someone as visual as I am Pinterest is a perfect way for me to organize all the cool stuff I have found on the web in a way my brain can process it! I LOVE IT!!! Will you?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Tuesday Ten (on Thursday), vol. XV

I am late again with my Tuesday commitment. Ah life.

I have kid birthday parties on the brain. I am way more excited about this kind of stuff than I should be. Especially since there are all of three other kids coming to Madeline's birthday party in a few weeks.

Lydia is a challenge lately. She spends a lot of time following me around the house requireing my full attention. I feel loved and smothered. I can't be pleased.

The weather here has been divine the last two days! In the 70s and sunny. We've spent quite a bit of time outside taking it all in. The rain sets in tomorrow. Ugh.

I was the mommy helper at Madeline's preschool today. I am exhausted and have come to the hard conclusion that I really don't like kids. That is unless they are mine, or very well behaved.

Of course I am kidding.


I feel like I have a ton on my plate right now when in reality I've been a heck of a lot busier in the (even recent) past. I just hating feeling this disorganized and out of control. I could do something about that. I could.

I recently discovered Pinterest and I am hooked. A way to visually capture and organize everything I find on the internet? Yes, please and THANK YOU!!

I painted my toes this week and it makes me feel more like a human being. They are a lovely shade of hot pink.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why yes, I did let them dress themselves.

Why do you ask?

Technically I dressed Lydia. She is wearing her pajamas but the rest she chose for herself.

Madeline, on the other hand, picked 100% of her outfit.

Holiday socks scream March to me. Don't they?

And the sweat pants under the terry shorts... fashion genius.

Who says more than two patterns is a no no? They never saw Madeline in her two different sets of horizontal stripes! Runway ready!

As for Lydia, need an easy way to change your outfit for the different seasons? Fleece vest on top for the cooler weather months... (and don't forget to exercise!)

and sandals on your feet for the spring and summer.

Oooooh La la!

And no, we did not leave the house. Although I guess posting these on the internet is actually worse... but they can resent me in 10 years if they want!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Tuesday Twenty, vol. XIII and XIV

I missed last week, so I am going to try to do twenty this week.

Wish me luck.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of illness I finally feel like we are all mostly healthy. The girls still have slight coughs and I worry about Lydia because she can't tell me if she is feeling unwell, but I really just think we all need a few more good nights sleep and we'll have kicked this junk out the door.

I recently bought a pair of shoes that are biodegradable. I was worried they'd melt in the first rain, but they are surprisingly sturdy. :)

I am watching What Not to Wear on TLC and although I'd love to go on that show I am realizing that I am not nearly enough of a mess to be a guest. Although the idea of having money and guidance to build a whole new wardrobe is a fantasy.

Saturday was Olive's 9th birthday. It is hard to believe that she has been our kitty for 7 years. (We got her when she was *estimated* two years old.) Madeline and Lydia picked out some treats for her and I gave her a very thorough brushing, her favorite.

Our best friends had a baby a week ago and she is totally adorable. (See for yourself.) It is taking all of my restraint to not pack up this circus and head for Georgia.

My next 48 hours is crazy busy and I am kinda stressed out. But it is all fun stuff and I just can't let go and enjoy it. I have about 12 hours to start having fun. I need to get with the program.

Madeline's birthday is fast approaching. I have been working on her friend party (her first one, eep!) invitations and I am beyond excited about them. I love party planning.

What to assure your children develop hearing loss? Buy them this toy. Madeline played with it today and I am pretty sure she is now partially deaf. It will be re-hidden in the closet asap.

Speaking of which, my master closet is eating at me. I have a one foot square to stand in there. It is about time for yet another clean out. Anyone else have one area of their house that is the catch all for the stuff you don't know where to go to when you have guests over? No. just me huh?

TEN! I'm half way there! I can do this... maybe!

I am kinda obsessed with Harvest Cheddar Sunchips. They are delicious.

My feet are freezing.

I got this book in the mail today. I am very excited to start reading it, but I know I am going to need Kleenex nearby!

I recently got a new to me sewing machine and am really enjoying the simple projects I've been able to create with it. That being said, I need to work on some new projects but I feel like I've maxed out my skill set. I bought a pattern to make dresses for the girls, but I am so confused by it. It is intimidating.

I only have 24 minutes to publish this. Eeep!

When Madeline was little her hair was super curly. This meant it stayed out of her face without much fuss. Lydia on the other hand has very little curl in her hair. I am constantly swiping it out of her eyes. Why not put a bow on her? Because it ends up in her mouth. I think, no, I know, she does it to get my goat. This little stinkas know how to push momma's buttons early.

Do you watch Jimmy Fallon? I wish he wasn't on so late. He is freakin' hilarious! He's the reason I am not going to post this before midnight.

I have at least 5 loads of laundry in need of folding. Two are left over from last week. I hate laundry.

I discovered the instagram app for my phone this week. I am obsessed. I'll have to do a post with my favorite photos soon. They are awesome.

There you go... the Tuesday Twenty. I hope I never have to do this again!