Friday, September 26, 2008

Have I told you lately...

That I love you.

My dear blog friends you are wonderful. I share my woes and you raise me up. Just like that Josh Groban song, but with more respect and less sap. I don't post the bad stuff so you can validate me and rub my head to make me feel better. But you do it anyway and I am oh so grateful. My heart is full of love for your kind words and know that I really truly appreciate it!

Madeline is still great. She spent most of the day with her Grandma and Grandpa at the park and visiting with G G. (Kevin's grandmother.) She is a total trooper in every sense. And adorable too.

One more thing: Although I feel guilt because of this elbow incident I am not laboring under the assumption that it makes me a bad mother overall. If anything it has proven to me just how good of a mother I really am. (And how good of a father Kevin is too.) I am proud of how we handled our first medical emergency. I think in this case we managed to avoid lifelong scaring. For now...


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