Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Day!

So here are the long awaited Christmas posts! Below are the highlights from both Christmas Eve and Day! Enjoy!
It's Christmas morning! Look at all the presents Santa brought!

Madeline with all her swag.

Madeline playing with her new toys from Grandma and Grandpa!

Maddy sporting the Cards hat from Uncle Bry. (The pacifier is usually a no-no outside of nap time... but it was Christmas after all.)

Uncle Bry taking a snooze by the fire.

Madeline cuddling with Great Grandma Kirk and Rudolf too!

I am working on Madeline's needle-point stocking. I started this project last year when I found out I was pregnant. Let's just say I hope to have it done by the time she is 18.

Madeline in her Christmas dress!


Christmas Eve!

We spent Christmas Eve at the McRauscher's. We had a great time with Granny and Grandpa, Uncle Elliot and Aunt Kathy, Great Grand-MA McG and the Koenig family!

The Family in front of the tree!

Madeline got a Radio Flyer from Granny and Poppy! She doesn't quite know what to do with it yet!

Madeline is quite skilled at opening presents... seconds after this photo was taken, the paper ended up in her mouth though!

This isn't looking good for my dad is it?

Madeline loved the bows!

Elliot sporting the shirt we got him for Christmas... Oregon Trail any body?
"What is dentistry anyway?" -Elliot


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas too all our readers! We hope your holiday was as relaxing as ours!

**After a long day of celebration Madeline is all tucked into bed and Kev and I are pooped! There are many more photos from the last two days of holiday cheer... but that will have to wait! Rest assured that there will be a glorious and marvelous post in the coming days! For now, we rest!

Much love for a wonderful holiday and an even better New Year!!!

Kevin, Maureen, Madeline and Olive


Friday, December 21, 2007

Day 2

The afternoon nap strike of local star, Madeline enters it's second day. After a long negotiation process the local Nappers 1:30 failed to reach an agreement with the 7 month old.

Although union negotiators have not given up hope that an agreement can be reached, Maureen, Madeline's mother is starting to wear thin.

"All I wanted to do was wrap some presents and unload the dishwasher. I guess that will have to wait for another day."

Maureen stresses that the rules have not changed, and that she will be putting Madeline down for her afternoon nap again tomorrow.

"One can only hope that she catches just a little bit of shut eye in the future."

With the holidays right around the corner, we wish them the best of luck.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy, Happy

Merry Christmas to all! Look at that face!!!! :)

December 18

Our house decorated for Christmas!! Isn't it pretty with the snow?!?

I am going to throw a "first" in here too... I broke out the hair bow I bought for Madeline months and months ago. She finally has enough hair for a little "whale spout" on her head. I don't know if I will keep this look up... I should wait until she actually needs to keep it out of her eyes! But isn't it cute!

December 18

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My First...

Snow day!!!

I bundled up in my winter snow suit (thank you Wynns!) and headed out into the 7+ inches of snow in my front yard!

Dad and I were all bundled up and ready to head into the winter wonderland outside.

Once we got outside, Daddy got out my sled. I went so far! About 2 inches! It was awesome!

After the thrill of the sled I plopped into the snow. It is really pretty, but I just don't know what to think of it to be honest.

Dad helped me make my very first snow angel! It was awesome!

Then we came inside and decorated the Christmas tree. Dad and I put the star on top. It is beautiful and I love looking at the lights!

Then I chewed on a carrot stick as a "snack". I don't really eat any of it, but it sure feels good on my gums.

After my nap, Mom and Dad brought some snow inside so I could play without all the cold air. I wasn't all that interested. We did make a mini-snow man and he was pretty cool. (get it, "cool")


Call the authorities...

I don't know if I ever said it out loud, but I know that I have thought, " I don't need a playpen, that seems a little over the top. Why don't you just watch the baby!?" Then Madeline started crawling.

All I wanted to do was make the bed.

No playpen...

I improvised.

December 15

At least I gave her some toys, right?


Good mornings!

Madeline hasn't yet pulled herself all the way up, (she gets about half-way). Isn't she cute though!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Madeline is 7 months old!

And getting better all the time! She is moments away from crawling across the room. Currently she takes about two "steps" with her knees and sits back up. She'll get there I know. She is talking a lot too, saying things like "dadada" and "git git gat" and "hooo a." It takes her forever to fall asleep for her naps because she is talking to herself! It is really quite funny. There should be lots of photos this month. It is only 19 days until Christmas! We have lots to do between now and then!
Happy 7 months Maddy!

She looks a little greasy in this photo b/c we have to smear her face with Vaseline before bed to prevent her from getting a rash caused by dry skin. But look at that curly hair! (This was right after her bath and we hadn't combed her hair just yet.)