Monday, September 08, 2008

EMHE: Part 2

Life in our quiet town has been turned up side down this week. It is all very exciting. Really. We don't love all the traffic, but at least is it for a fun and honorable purpose.

Traffic signs near our street. Although they say the street is closed to only local traffic, there isn't anything stopping people from traveling the road. Well, other than the earth movers and dump trucks blocking the way.

On Friday they took down the house. Maddy and I walked over to take in the action.

What the house looked like on Wednesday.

What is looked like at 1pm on Friday.
They spent all of Thursday packing and moving the families belongings out of the house. They also spent some time reclaiming things like doors and windows to be recycled.

Ty in the center. If you have seen the show you know that they send a video of the house being torn down to the family on vacation. They filmed that at least twice that I saw.

Ty, filming with the crowd.

Ty walking by as they finished the filming. (Heading to his trailer for a nap.)

One of the Shea family. Part of the construction company running the site (Calliers, Thompson and Shea).

I guess they forgot to move the bed.

If you look closely you can see there are THREE back hoes taking down this house. (the third one is just coming up the driveway on the far left of the frame) The Fire department was spraying the demolition, so that isn't dirt, just water vapor.

We have many more photos from Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and today. So stay tuned. When I get around to down loading them I will post.

Life is crazy here!



bridget said...

why does ty get to take a nap? and what's with the kilt???

Molly said...

Yeah, I can't believe you didn't make a crack about the kilt! That's just strange. A kilt in a workzone.