Friday, July 25, 2008

Merry Christmas (in July!)

I haven't always been the biggest Christmas fan. As a kid/young adult it was stressful. So who would have thought I would be celebrating it twice a year?!? I guess that is what happens when I married a certified Christmas freak!

So, as a follow up to Thanksgiving in June, today is Christmas in July! Last weekend when my parents were out of town, my brother Elliot, his wife Kathy, Kevin, Madeline and I decorated their house for the holiday.

Because it is July we had to change it up a bit, so the tree is covered in Hawaiian Lays (is that how you spell that?) and cocktail umbrellas. Instead of stocking on the fireplace we put flip flops. And instead of evergreen garland we hung a very cool paper garland of tropical flowers.

I will try to post more photos tomorrow after we have our Christmas dinner of grilled ham, veggies, potatoes and pie I am sure! The photo above is the photo the five of us put in our "Christmas Card" we left for my parents to open when they got home from their trip. Yep, we are crazy. But we had so much fun coming up with all these ideas for decorating their house!

So until I post my photos tune into KEZK here in STL and listen to the Christmas tunes all day long. My husband woke up one of the happiest men in STL today b/c of this music.



littlebabywulf said...
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littlebabywulf said...

I love Christmas in July! And Jeff probably hates me now because I made him find your STL radio station on the interwebs so I could listen to Christmas music this afternoon. :)

Christy said...

I love it.

j&j said...

SO much fun! You made me entertain thoughts of breaking out the Christmas tree, and I texted J to tell him about KEZK. :) Merry Christmas in July!! :)