Thursday, July 31, 2008

100 things

What is with all of these challenges lately? Anyway, here is another one. Sarah and Tara started the trend. Now I follow suit.

100 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I bit my nails until I was 17 or 18.
2. I am allergic to tomatoes and eggplant.
3. I love almost all foods with the exception of raw onion and cilantro.
4. I am addicted to Bravo TV
5. Especially My life on the D list and Top Chef.
6. I met my husband Kevin in 1994.
7. We were in Marching Band together.
8. I played saxophone for 8 years.
9. I still wish I played.
10. I don't have a tattoo.
11. Sometimes I wish I did.
12. I am way too chicken.
13. I worry I made the wrong choice to stay home.
14. I wouldn't trade this time with her for the world.
15. Growing up we had two dogs, Smitty and Fred.
16. Smitty was hit by a car less than a week after we got him.
17. Fred ate my dad's birthday cake.
18. Fred only lasted a few months before he was given to a better home.
19. I didn't notice he was gone for at least a week.
20. My first real pet was a cat named Barney.
21. When he died we had to get two cats to replace him.
22. Their names were Ricky and Lucy.
23. I still miss them.
24. I am 5'11" tall and when I was little I always thought I would be 6'.
25. I have a masters of Communication.
26. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
27. I love being a mom.
28. I don't always love being at home.
29. I love photography and would love to spend a ton more time practicing.
30. I have a hard time making a decision when it comes to my future.
31. I worry all of the time.
32. I would say that it is a problem.
33. I do however leave my house on occasion so it can't be that bad right?
34. It takes me at least a half and hour to fall asleep at night.
35. Once I am asleep, I am ASLEEP!!!
36. I am not only a sheet hog, but a bed hog as well.
37. I do feel sorry for my husband though.
38. We sleep on a double bed.
39. I used to have a problem with shoes.
40. Now, I don't even remember the last pair I bought.
41. I have one brother.
42. I love my brother a lot.
43. He is one of my best friends.
44. My parents have been married 30 years.
45. I was a "surprise" during their first year of marriage.
46. I relish nap time.
47. I am never ready for Madeline to wake up.
48. I hate housework.
49. I feel guilty for not keeping a better house, especially since I am staying at home now.
50. I am blog obsessed.
51. Kevin and I have been married for 3 years.
52. We have lived in our house for almost 5 years.
53. I love our home.
54. At the same time I can't wait to move into a bigger place.
55. I worry that may never happen.
56. I have envy issues.
57. I suffer from "the grass is always greener" syndrome.
58. I love the color of our front door. (dark blue)
59. I hate the color of our living room. (boring white)
60. I have lost all of my pregnancy weight.
61. I am still 20 lbs heavier than I want to be.
62. I've been at the same weight since Madeline turned 4 months old.
63. I think that totally sucks.
64. My favorite color is purple.
65. Blue is a close second.
66. Green is third.
67. I think my ankles are the most attractive part of my body.
68. When I was pregnant they were so swollen that I thought they might never recover.
69. I am happy to say I was wrong.
70. I try not to think about germs.
71. I know that if I did I would become totally obsessed and might never leave my house.
72. I very rarely drink.
73. When I do, my drink of choice is a margarita.
74. But I won't turn down a 7&7.
75. Kevin was my first kiss.
76. I was his too.
77. Fall is my favorite season.
78. My birthday used to be my favorite day of the year.
79. Now Madeline's is.
80. I hate being sick.
81. I am pretty pathetic when I don't feel well.
82. I am not a morning person.
83. I am not a night person.
84. I am a middle of the day person.
85. I lived overseas in Oslo, Norway for 6 months in 2001.
86. I dream of going back.
87. I worry it won't be as perfect as my memories tell me it was.
88. I don't own a bike.
89. I hate wearing make up.
90. Now that I have had Madeline I need it more than ever to cover my dark circles.
91. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
92. Fireworks make me smile.
93. I've never been arrested.
94. I can't dance.
95. As a kid I used to dream of being and veterinarian-lawyer. Yep. Both.
96. I am scared of rail road crossings.
97. I can't wait for the Olympics to start in just 8 days!
98. I was a competitive swimmer for 8 years.
99. I miss swimming.
100. This was harder than I thought!

How about you?



Tara said...

Thanks for taking the challenge. A good 7 and 7 is always good too!!

Molly said...

Jeez Louise! 100 things! You did a great job... it wasn't boring or anything. :) I'm glad to see I made the list.

Michelle said...

I had no idea you were allergic to eggplant! and don't even get me thinking about margaritas. I miss them. (I'm trying to be a better poster!)

Sarah said...

I am glad you did it. I love learning random things about people.

Elliot said...

Right then. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Thanks a lot, Mo. And I love you, too. You are one of my best friends.

Christy said...

I thought this almost read like a prose poem. Very enjoyable to read. The little things say so much about a person.

notawritersfather said...

So... kevin, eh? I never needed the shotgun! BTW: I have been arrested, I was the only sober person in the car. You still have the saxophone, so start playing!

j&j said...

good stuff, lady! I learned a couple of things I didn't know. Like tomatoes? I never would have made the tomato tort thing if I had known!!