Friday, July 11, 2008

Google Tag

I don't usually do random blog games but this one peeked my interest. The premise, type in the answers to the questions into Google Image search and choose the image you like best to answer these simple questions. Some of these are pretty self explanatory, others are more complicated. Enjoy!

My age:

A place I would like to visit:
My favorite place:
My favorite object:
My favorite food:
My favorite animal:
My favorite color:
Town where I was born:
A past pet:
My first name:
My middle name:
My last name:
I have a rule about using last names on the blog and I am not going to break that for this. It would become far to obvious if I posted the photos I found. Sorry guys!

A bad habit:
My first job:
My current occupation:
My grandmother's name:
What you are doing right now:
Sorry some of the images are so small. I guess that happens with photos off some websites.

Tag my blogging friends, you are it! Now you should answer these questions with photos!



bridget said...

huh...i don't get it.

Molly said...

Love the Trogdor cake... my bd is coming up, that's what I want.

B - I'll explain it to you tomorrow.

Miss Wanderlust said...

So cute!! Thanks for stopping by our blog and you are now officially entered in the drawing!

Becca said...


Awesome. I actually need to make that cake someday... Oh, and I'm one of Elliot's friends, btw. I think I may have met you at his wedding. : ) In case you were wondering what random person was commenting on your blog.