Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My new toys

I eluded to my new toy a few posts ago and I have been meaning to talk about it since I got it. Until now!

Last week my dad decided to buy my mom a fancy-pants (fp) D-SLR as an early birthday present. They were planning a trip to Maine and he thought it would be a great addition to their trip. He found a great deal on a Sony alpha 200, the next model up from ours. He was only going to get the camera and the 18-70mm lens, but for an extra $100 there was a package that got him a 75-300mm telephoto lens as well. Kevin and I have been talking about getting a beefier lens and so we paid dad the $100 (+ tax) and got ourselves a brand new, georgeous, incredible, space defying lens. (Can you tell I am a little excited?!?!)

So not only did we get a new lens but that also meant that we needed a new camera bag. Mom and Dad got the older one, which was not really old, just smaller.

Our new bag:
Isn't it pretty and green!

All the following photos where taken from the front wall of our house. The opposite wall is about 25-30ft away.

Old lens:
Please ignore the piles of junk. This was during Phase I of our bathroom project.


The new lens:


Totally rad huh!?!?! We think so.


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Jodie Allen said...

what's the fabric store right next to hobby lobby? by once upon a child? i got them there but i can't think of the name! hancock? maybe.

i have that lens and love it!