Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Play date

On Monday Madeline was invited to her friend Madeline's house for a play date. Yes, both girls are named Madeline. To ease confusion, for the rest of this post our Madeline will be referred to as Maddy and the other Madeline will be Maddie.

Maddie is the daughter of my new friend Anna. She and I met working at channel 9 and the similarities between our lives are both comical and scary. (i.e. we both have daughters with the same name, our anniversaries are on the exact same day and year, our husbands both work in the grocery business etc. And that is just the start.) It has been wonderful to have another Mommy friend who is staying at home. She and I have gotten together at least once a week for the past few weeks and it is just great to get out with other kids. I think it has been a huge help for Maddy and I know I enjoy it too.

Maddy, Maddie and Tristan watching Anna diving for toys!

Snack break. That is Maddie on the left and Tristan in the middle.

Anna was watching her friend's 16 month old daughter Tristan while we were there. She has the most adorable little face and you can get lost in her big blue eyes!

Maddie gave me "the face." As Anna calls it.
After a while she couldn't do it anymore b/c she was smiling too big.

I love her little face! I want to eat her up!

Thank you Anna and Maddie for a wonderful afternoon. We will return the favor very soon!


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McGrath said...

Mia came into the room when I was looking at your blog and said "Oh, look at the cute little little baby". I mean, she is 3 you know :)