Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving in June!

Kevin and my dad were discussing Christmas in July. (A holiday my husband celebrates so that he can listen to Christmas music in July way before the Maureen imposed ban which lifts on my birthday.) They decided that we needed to celebrate Thanksgiving in June so on Wednesday (because there was too much going on on Thursday) my family got together and had Thanksgiving dinner.

Madeline helped me make turkey napkin rings for the table.

My lovely family, stuffed with grilled turkey breast (oh so yummy!), grilled potatoes, stuffing, green bean caserole, buiscuts and gravy!

My family is so weird. I love every moment of it!



Molly said...

This one might have been a little too weird even for me. But it was all very tasty!

bridget said...

YOUR family is weird??? can i quote you on that? why am i even asking? you know i'll quote you.