Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am once again having technical difficulties with blogger and uploading photos. I feel like a lazy blogger, b/c I took a day off! How ridiculous!

I am having such a frustrating day and this is just icing on the cake. I don't really have any particular reason for my frustration although I could come up with a list of 100 things that have frustrated me today. (the computer, Maddy's mood after her morning nap, heartburn for no reason, the massive pile of dishes in my sink...)

In an effort to be more glass 1/2 full these are the good things about today:
-Madeline got another tooth! (that makes six total with three more about to burst through!)
-Whole grain waffles, yummo!
-Madeline's smile when I get her out of bed in the morning. Priceless.
-Madeline "painting" the front walk way with a foam brush & water.
-Kevin coming home after playing golf this AM.
-All three of us heading to the pool after lunch.
-Madeline down for a nap, which means it is nap time for mommy and daddy too!

If I can get my computer/blogger situation under control I will post later tonight. If not, then you will have to wait until at least Thursday PM but more likely Friday PM. We have a busy few days ahead.

Now for that nap...


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Elliot said...

Thanks for taking time to accentuate the positive (isn't that a song?). I shall soon do the same on my blog just to reaffirm that life ain't so bad after all. Hug that cutie pie for me, Mo. Oh, and Madeline too.