Sunday, July 13, 2008

MoBot again?

MoBot is one of my favorite places in StL. I find it so relaxing to walk through the gardens and look at the beautiful plants and flowers and know that I don't have to weed any of it. I feel blessed to have such a gorgeous place to visit so close to home.

Yesterday Madeline and I headed to MoBot with my Dad (Poppy) and aside from the 150% humidity it was a great trip.

As we walked past these sheep Madeline started going crazy from her stroller screaming, "BAAA! BAAA!" So of course she had to get out and play with them!

Now for a joke only three of my readers will get:
"Ewe not fat, ewe fluffy!"

"Mom! This lamb won't get out of my way!"



Jenny and Aaron's Baby Blog said...

What fabulous pictures! I love them! Makes me wish we had a botanical garden near us - or maybe we do and I just don't know it. :)

mGk said...

You could always come visit STL!!! We'd love to have you here!

Kathy said...

I hear I am the favorite aunt :) I guess my bribing paid off :) Yay Madeline!

bridget said...

you need to get a membership to the garden. they offer a 20% discount at the end of november and again in early december. want me to let you know when it comes up? that's when we always renew.

mGk said...

Totally let me know. I love MoBot!