Monday, July 07, 2008

Around the House

I got this idea from Kelli who did this on her blog last week. In my quest to take more time to enjoy the little things and be a bit more glass 1/2 full I thought this was an excellent exercise for me to attempt.

These are different spots around our house. Each one of them makes me smile.

Summer has finally arrived full force. How do I know? Our swimming bag sits on the dining room floor full of all the stuff we need for a fantastic trip to the pool. That way at a moments notice we can be out the door and on our way to one of my favorite places!

Meet our garden Knome. He doesn't have a name, although I think he should, and he lives in my house plant in the kitchen. This makes me smile for two reasons. 1- that two inch knome is adorable (just look at his little shovel!) and 2- it lives in the only house plant I haven't killed. (the plant was a gift from a friend during my Truman State days!)

This vase sits on the counter in our bathroom. All of these shells are from the week Kevin and I spent on Sanibel Island for our honeymoon three years ago. (Actually three years ago this week to be more precise.) I love that island. The beach is my idea of a perfect vacation. Oh how I miss vacations. Our honeymoon was our last one and probably will be for a while. I still love looking at all the different shells and remembering our wonderful week on the beach!



Molly said...

Fabulous! I love this! I hope you're at the pool right now!

mGk said...

I was at the pool just then! And it was wonderful!

Jodie Allen said...

ok seriously? chris and i went to truman AND we honeymooned on sanibel! actually a hurricane canceled our honeymoon, but we went the next year... anyway, that's all so strange!

and which pool do you go to? we belong to webster...

Kelli said...

Yay!! I'm sooo glad you did this too :)

bridget said... know they have a beach set up at the magic house right now. you could take your "beach vacation" in kirkwood this year!