Saturday, July 05, 2008

My First...

Gus' pretzel!!!

Gus' pretzels is a family owned and operated business in South St. Louis City that has been open since 1920. They have amazing pretzels and we had 18" initials at our wedding three years ago. (If anyone has a photo of these we would love to see it, b/c they were devoured by the time we got to the reception and we never did see them!)

On Thursday I was downtown with my dad at Soulard and we stopped at Gus' for pretzels. When Kevin got home we had a pre-dinner snack of Gus'.

July3- I love this photo! What a face!

Maddy and Daddy enjoying Gus' together as Olive watches out the door.

As we were sitting down to dinner our neighbor knocked on our door to let us know that there were two baby bunnies in our front yard one on our porch and one in our bushes.

Then our neighbor proceeded to pick them up!
Although adorable I wouldn't have tried to pick them up not to mention put them in a bucket!

The neighbor and his 6 yr old son then released them into our back yard where one of them refused to leave the bucket and the other one jumped as fast as he could back into the front yard. Yesterday as we were leaving for dinner I saw a "mommy" bunny with one of the babies in the front yard. I guess we have some bunnies living in our yard. I just hope our neighbors can restrain their desire to man handle them again!


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Molly said...

Wow... Gus's pretzels and baby bunnies. It can't get much better than that!