Friday, August 01, 2008

Maddy Monster, in pictures

These photographs were taken literally moments apart on Wednesday night.

One moment, screaming inconsolably.

The next, peaceful for no apparent reason.

Yep, that is the monster. These teeth can't come in fast enough.



Molly said...

Awww... poor baby. It hurts to get teeth. I liked the suggestion of freezing a wash cloth to chew on. Have you tried that?

I can't stand to see my little Pookie hurting. :(

alw said...

Sorry for the lack of responce, I have been out of town... Sorry to hear all this... As for the teething, Maddie enjoys plain ice popcicles made with my $ store set! She can hold the stick with out her hands getting cold and it is so soothing! Need to borough?

j&j said...

but she's a Cardinal fan, so that makes it all better, right? ;) Hope that the teeth come through soon...