Monday, June 23, 2008

Starting out on the (lacerated) foot

This morning didn't start out too well. I got Madeline up and she had what we like to call an explosion in her dipe. Then when feeding her breakfast I dropped her plate (one of our everyday dinerware salad plates) and it shattered on the floor. I don't just mean it broke into some manageable peices that could be cleaned up with some disgruttlement and ease, but shattered into what looked like 50 million little pieces scattered into the far corners of the kitchen AND down the basement steps.

Luckily Madeline was in her highchair at the time and I could keep her baby feet out of the fray. My tootsies on the other hand were not that lucky. My cut is so small that a bandaid even seems rediculous, but how much of a bummer is this to start my day! I am working on be more glass half full, so I am reframing this even as, "well now that we got that trouble out of the way it makes the rest of the day seem that much better."

How did I do?

Photos from this weekend later today!



Molly said...

You did well! Very well! Here's one my dad taught me when I broke a dish: That's one less you have to clean.

marty/bridget said...

glass 1/2 1/2 full.. i say drop the glass and have it shatter in a million pieces too!