Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First...

Blood draw!

Because of all the power cord/stupid cat business I am behind on my photos. I took these photos after Maddy had her lead and anemia tests last week. We waited in the lobby of the lab for four times longer than it took to get the blood drawn, but she made some friends with the other (older) patients waiting in the lab.

The blood draw, although not enjoyable, was quick and I was thrilled with the technician. She was quick and only had to stick my baby once. My mother had me nervous with horror stories of getting Elliot or my blood drawn as a kid. When we got home I took these photos.

June 2
Although I don't like photos of Madeline crying, I am posting this one because if you look really close she kind-of-sort-of looks like ME! Yes, she is my daughter!

June 2
"Madeline, where is your ouwy?"

The doctor called and her lead levels are safe and she isn't anemic. Again, she is perfect.



Molly said...

This post hurts my heart, but I'm glad she got through it and had a good blood drawer. I'm sorry for scaring you with my stories, but your first blood draw was as traumatic for me as it was for you. Stupid blood draw lady. Now Elliot's first blood draw was just funny. He was 20 and he cried! hahaha.... oh oh, he's gonna kill me for posting this. To be fair, he was crying b/c he was really REALLY sick (to the point that he could hardly sit up), Ricky was lost and presumed dead, AND the blood draw lady called him a baby. She was a Meanie with a capital M.

marty/bridget said...

let me get this straight...your daughter looks like you when she is crying/miserable/in agony/etc. hmmmm. i'm going to have to think about that one. b.