Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day

To my Daddy on his second Father's Day:

I know I am only a year old, but I know that I have the best daddy in the world. I love it when you play with me. You make the best animal noises and I love it when you help me name my stuffies. (Bepo really IS the perfect name for my hippopotamus.) I love it when you make me breakfast and you really have an eye for picking out just the right outfit for any occasion! (Who knew!) I love spending time with you. Your arms are the perfect spot to cuddle.

Thank you for showing that you love me every day. I love you too.


Madeline Opal

June 4
I wasn't so sure about my cool new splash mat, but you made me feel safe Daddy!

June 4
I love it when you help me try new things!

June 4
And you are always willing to "get your feet wet"!

To my husband on Father's Day:

Thank you for being my wonderful partner in parenthood. I appreciate all of the love, support and commitment you have for doing what is best for our family. You are a fantastic father, and I love you more each time I see you play with our adorable little girl.

Much love,



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Molly said...

What a dad!