Monday, June 09, 2008

The difference between 1 and 28

1 yr olds don't get the concept of anticipation and disappointment. Unless it is in reference to the cup/cracker/phone/remote that mom or dad is holding but won't let you have. 1yr olds live in the here and now. 28 year olds however do anticipate events (like swimming classes with their 1yr old) and are disappointed when they wake up to find impending thunder storms on the horizon. Madeline has no clue, I on the other hand, am totally bummed. So much for getting out of the house today. I guess I will have to clean my kitchen floors instead. argh.

The classes don't start until 10:45a. Maybe I'll get lucky and the storms will clear out. There is always tomorrow.


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Molly said...

Did you get the class in? It's 11:10 here and the sun is shining in the CWE. No rain in sight for hours (or minutes... who knows).