Sunday, June 01, 2008

Technical difficulties

subtitled: &#@%# CAT!

So I would have loved to blog about the past few days. Show you photos of my darling daughter and talk about how wonderfully in love with her we are. But we have been experiencing some *issues* with our technology.

Kevin's computer is old. It is a great machine generally (he build it mostly himself) and it has some fancy components and features. Unfortunately I haven't been able to upload a photo to blogger with that machine for a month or so. Frustrating, but not the end of the world right?

Enter the cat.

Olive likes to chew on wires. We had the base for one of our old cordless phones run behind the couch a couple of years ago and when the phone wouldn't charge we discovered that it was because the wire had been chewed through. She doesn't like just any wire though. Just really expensive to replace wire.

Earlier this year I ordered a new charger for my laptop because the old one quit working. Olive's bad habit set us back $60. Since then, unless the computer is charging the cord is tucked away so she can't get her teeth on it. Or at least I though she couldn't. Friday I go to charge my laptop, which is the only computer that allows me to upload photos to blogger I might add, and guess what won't work? Yep, you got it. Upon further inspection I find teeth marks on the charger and I promptly want to throttle my darling cat.

So I guess this means that I will spend another $60 for a new charger and put this one under lock and key. Or at least in a drawer I am sure she can't open with those tricky little paws.

Until then, my blog might not have the same draw. I promise to be witty and humorous. But I am kidding myself if I think that is going to be enough. I know you all come for the photos. (Heck, I blog for the photos!)




Elliot said...

Heck Mo, my blog thrives almost exclusively on my wit and wordcraft...but you'll notice that not until recently when I started posting videos and photos did my blog start getting the kind of hits that make it a blog to follow. But I'll keep coming to yours, with or without the photos and videos; if I really need to see that daughter of yours, or the cat, or, for that matter, you and Kev, I'll just call you and come over. And, oh my goodness...did you get rid of the word verification? That's another good draw!

mGk said...

You're welcome.