Saturday, June 21, 2008

Confessions of a Blog-a-holic

I will be the first to admit that my interest in blogs has quickly turned into an obsession. The blog list on the side bar is only a small fraction of the blogs I read every day thanks to Google Reader. (I love Google Reader!) I love how blogs give me a window into the lives of others that I have never met. Some people I have a ton of common interests and others I have nothing in common with but even that is interesting to me. I really should update my side bar, but that is a project for some other day.

Through reading other people's blogs I have found an real appreciation for my life. I have a wonderful and supportive husband who I love more now than I did even a year ago. (How can I not love a man who helped me create such a perfect little girl?) Which leads me to how lucky we both are to have such a happy and HEALTHY little daughter. I have been reading the blogs of two families that are going through some really unimaginable medical struggles with their children. I read about the surgeries, and doctors visits and I just thank our stars for all that we have.

Some days I don't feel so greatful. I focus more what we don't have. I guess you can say that I am more 'glass half empty' but every once in a while I do realize that we have been blessed with a lot in a short period of time. As we continue through this finacially difficult period of time (with me not working and the price of living climbing ever higher every day) I am reminded that it could be so much worse. We are clothed and fed and we are healthy. I pray for the families who are dealing with serious hardships right now and hope that I can learn to take each day and appreciate my life and my family.


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