Monday, June 30, 2008

Updated blogroll and blog lurking

So I am a self admitted blog-a-holic. (The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?) I look forward to Madeline's nap time so that I can hop on the grand old inter-web and see what is going on in Blogland. Some of the people listed in my blog roll I actually know in the real world and are part of my real life. (Like my brother, aunts, friends, college buddies, etc.) Then there are those I have "met" through the blogosphere. (Like A mom and her camera, Candle at both ends, Dooce, etc.) I have never met these people but I like them, a lot.

I think maybe I like them because I have never met them. All they have to do is post on their blog and I am instantly satisfied with our relationship. There is no disapointment or unfulfilled expectations. These virtual relationships are so much simpler than actually having to interact with them in the real world with the complications of schedule, personality, opinion, proximity and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends and would never trade those interpersonal realtionships for the virtual world. I love shareing a meal with my friends, or chating on the phone with my mother but at a time when I needed a different type of friendship, a friendship without physical boundries like space and time, these blogs have been the perfect friends for me. When Madeline was little and I didn't want to take her out into the cold winter air, or I couldn't justify the work of loading her and all her crud into the vehicle just to go to Target where I couldn't really buy anything anyway, these blogs were my friends. They filled a void that my working family and friends couldn't fill up.

I have added some of the blogs I read to the blogroll to the right. But here is my call: Any of you blog lurking out there? If you read my blog but have never commented I would love to hear from you. It took me a long time to build up the courage to comment on some of the blogs I read and to be honest there are some that I still haven't commented on! But I would love to hear from you. Just comment! I would love to get to know you through the wonderful world of bloging. I truly would!



Jodie Allen said...

I totally understand! Right now I'm in this cocoon-like state where I just want to sit and hold Grayson, color with Bailey and chase Parker... happy and content to not leave the house, not have anyone over to visit and not even talk on the phone. There's only so many times I can answer the "how are you sleeping" question. I'm NOT and dealing with it! :) Anyway, blogs are great friends when you're just not in the mood to handle your real relationships! And they are the only friends awake and alive all night while breast feeding! Last night I seriously spent a good 3 hours blog hopping while the rest of the world was sleeping and it was great.

Anyway, I'm not a lurker but thought I would say hi anyway! :)

And when life settles down again, like in 6 months, it would be great to get the girls together!

Kelli said...

thanks for de-lurking on my blog!! now i'm looking forward to poking around on yours. ha, the cycle continues :)
-Kelli (from over at kellogues)

Fern said...

I had saved this post to reply and am just now getting to it. I loved it! This is the perfect description of my love affair with blogs. I hate the telephone, all my friends live out of town, and I have social anxiety. Therefore, blogs are the best thing for me!

This is so cheesy and weird, but sometimes if I am having a really awful day with the kids, I think about all my imaginary blog friends and feel some solidarity, like "we're all in it together, sistah!" Then I feel less alone.

gigit said...

Mo!!! It's your long lost cousin in Texas. I am a regular lurker on your blog. I love seeing the pictures of your beautiful daughter and keeping up with your life.
Love every crazy minute of organizing blocks in alpha order. My oldest baby just turned 17 and my baby will be 14 on the 8th. I wish I could organize some blocks. Instead I am setting rules for the day at the "Warped Tour"( No you may not camp out all night in the parking lot to be in line for tickets! Because you are 17!!!) and explaining why we can't have a My Space until we are infact 14!!Family rules are family rules.
So kiss her little toes and twist her little curls around your fingers. I love my beautiful girls. They are intelligent, independent young women but boy I miss their dirty little chubby hands and the toys all over the floor I just picked up.
Anyway I lurk regularly so keep up the blogging!!!