Thursday, June 26, 2008

No clever title for this one

I hate coming up with new post titles all the time. It can be stressful.

Sunday we had dinner at my parents. We always spend a lot of time on their deck in the summer. It is a great place to just hang out. Today Madeline got her own chair on the deck so she could hang with us.

June 22
See Madeline in her little chair on the right!
Here is a better photo of Madeline in her chair. She liked it, but got bored pretty quickly.

So Granny put her to work sweeping the deck. Just call her Cinder-Maddy.

I have a ton of photos from yesterday's trip to MoBot and a holiday surprise! I'll post those later today! I am off to start my day!


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bridget said...

that granny is a chore-master!