Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My First...


So although this would normally be a very fun exciting event this time it had a purpose. Today when I was just walking around my bedroom I tripped and busted my lip pretty badly. (Mommy wasn't so happy with all the blood, but she took good care of me!) So Daddy brought home some Popsicles so that I could ice my lip a little bit. Mommy decided that it would be cleaner to cut it up and feed it to me with a fork.

I can't wait, this is going to be good!

Wow guys, that's cold!

I think I like this!

On top of Madeline's tumble Kev and I have been sort of under the weather the past two days. So we left the dinner duties up to Maddy tonight.

The Next Food Network Star

* Did anyone else notice how much Maddy looks like her daddy in that last photo? It is uncanny if you ask me!



marty/bridget said...

freeze pops are great for bumps! b.

Molly said...

Poor baby. A popsicle almost makes a bump on the noggin worth it.