Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I propped Madeline up at the sink today to "wash" some of her toys. As I took her picture I was reminded of this:

November-ish 1980
Me, sometime after my first birthday, but before Christmas.
The apron says "This sure beats the hell out of reality!"

May 21
Did you notice the apron?!?!

Mommy and Madeline all decked out in our aprons... not the same this time!

"What's next on the list of chores mommy?"

Although Kevin and I are feeling much better, we haven't told Maddy. She is turning into quite the pro at dish washing and floor scrubbing. She has little fingers that can reach in to the crevices!



Molly said...

Mo, love the apron... where are the pearls?
Thanks for a nice little trip down memory lane. :)

marty/bridget said...

don't you wonder if your kitchen will look as outdated as your parents kitchen in a matter of 25 years or so?!!

Molly said...

Hey, I had no control over that particular kitchen. We were renting, and the wallpaper was hideous (so hideous I don't even remember it - obviously I've repressed it). The tile, which didn't even come close to matching anything else, was installed by the landlord (a tile installer) the week before we moved in. It was something leftover from some other job. The kitchen counter had been painted (yes, painted) a flat yellow by some previous tennant. Underneath was that boomerang pattern and I think it was pink.

Come to think of it, my adult life has been plagued by ugly kitchens, until just recently. What's up with that??