Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bubble Mower

Last year (2007) for Kevin's birthday I got him a lawn mower. But because I didn't know what kind of mower he wanted or even what features he needed (bag/bagless?, hi torque/low torque?, flashy wut-cha-ma-call-its/ no flashy wut-cha-ma-call-its?) I decided to let him pick one out himself.

But what fun is a birthday without anything to open? Enter: the bubble mower.

I searched high and low for one of these plastic play things. I had no idea how hard they were to find. None at Wal-mart. None at Target. None at the Toys R Us in North county (close to work at the time). So I made one last stop, in the rain, at a Toys R Us closer to home. And BINGO! It was a mecca, a veritable wonderland of bubble mowers! Not only did they have "the classic" as I will call it, they also had a "deluxe" which included realistic electronic mowing sounds and flashy wut-cha-ma-call-its! (You know, flashing lights.)

So I settled for the classic, spent my $14.99 and headed home.

Over a year later, our daughter, who was still just a Pumelo when the gift was given, bubble mowed our lawn tonight. I have to say that she did an excellent job.

She was so happy when Kevin was showing her how it works. She was giggling and dancing all over the side walk. She has this new "shuffle" dance she's been doing the past few days and I hope I can get it on film soon. When I do I will post of course!

"Now don't get the bubbles in your eyes or mouth and of course, don't run."
Kevin, giving Madeline the safety information for the bubble mower.

Madeline, working on our neighbor Loretta's yard.


marty/bridget said...

and let's not forget the most important safety instruction of all: sensible, sturdy shoes!!!! b.

Molly said...

Do cute little soft leather shoes with flowers on them count? She needs to come bubble mow our lawn! What's the going rate for a good bubble mow?