Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's in a name?

October 20, 2009

When we were expecting Madeline the name Lydia wasn't discussed. Actually none of the names we considered for Madeline were recycled for our second baby.

Both Kevin and I like family names. Madeline's middle name is Opal after my paternal grandma so we once again turned to our family tree for inspiration.

Meet our Lydias.

October 20, 2009

Kevin's paternal grandmother turns 99 today. In honor of her birthday this is the story of her name.*

Grandma was born Elsa Lydia although she has never gone by that name. Her parents, Elsa and William, didn't agree. Her mother said that if she was named after her she would call her Baby her entire life. That is when Elsa's sister, Lydia, suggested the name Willette. She had been reading a book with a character by that name and as Grandma once told me, "the character was kind and the name was agreeable."

So Grandma's birth certificate reads Elsa Lydia, but she has always been called Willette.

After Lydia was born Grandma asked me if we knew that Lydia was her middle name. When we told her that we did and that Lydia was chosen BECAUSE it was her name I am not sure she believed me... at first. We simply feel lucky to have such a wonderful woman as part of our family, a strong role model for our girls and hope that she thinks of it as an honor.

G.G. and Lydia Thanksgiving 2009

So happy birthday Grandma. We hope our Lydia can carry your name for at least another 99 years.


*Let me be clear that this is my telling of the story as I understand it to be true.



Bridget said...

My goodness, she doesn't look a day over 90! Happy Bday GG!

Molly said...

Very nice....

Gina said...

What a cute story. And what a cute grandma. I LOVE the name Lydia. We've actually tossed that one around, but funny enough, if little bean is a girl, we'll name her after my grandma's middle name! :)