Sunday, January 02, 2011

Before I catch up, let me tell you about my day

So I am trying to keep this bligity-blog* a-rollin'. Don't go getting your hopes up that I will post every day. I do have two small children. And a cat. (Did you forget about the cat?!?! No worries, I do too.)

Although I will play catch up in time, for now I am moving forward and how much fast can I move than to tell you what we did TODAY!!! Yep, a blog post about an event that happened 8 hours ago.

Today's high temperature was 33*F so we bundled up and headed to the zoo. Each Sunday in winter they have a penguin parade.

At 3 1/2 years old we work on patience a lot. Today was one of those days. I am going to venture a guess that tomorrow will be too. Madeline must have asked me when the parade was going to start every 10 seconds for at least 15 minutes.

Lydia, she was chill in her stroller.

"Mom, I'm cold. Where are these 'penguins' you promised me?"

"Mom, when does the parade start? Is it going to start now? How about now? Ok, now?"

Once the parade did start it was wild to see the penguins so up close. A couple of them stopped just inches (like maybe 3 or 4") from where we were sitting. They ask you not to pet them, but that if they touch you that is ok, and to try not to scream so they don't get anxious.

Man are they pretty things!

Although even out of their house they still smell of fish.

We braved the cold a little longer to explore more of the zoo.

We ran into the cutest family of river otters ever.

Lydia was almost eaten by a hippopotamus.

And Madeline learned she is just inches away from being as tall as a pygmy goat**.

Lydia is more of a Koala.

A big thanks to Poppy for being my photographer (aka, poppy-razzi) for the day! It felt so nice to be outside even if it was a little chilly. The sunshine made it well worth it.

* My dear husband lovingly made fun of my use of this totally made up word in my last blog post. Therefore I feel compelled to use it ad nauseam. That's just how we roll.
**My goodness there has been a lot of goat references on this blog...


Kathy said...

Looks like you are taller than a llama (which made me think of the Emperor's New Groove) :)

Also, love 'bligity-blog' and your new signature block. Enjoyed the read and pictures!

Adrienne said...

Love the idea of a penguin parade - how fun! Also, our Maggie sympathizes with your Olive. Oh the poor suffering pampered in-door house kitties!

mGk said...

Kathy- I love llamas. It is a new found love, but have you seen their cute little faces and bouffant hair dos?! Love it!

Adrienne- Come on down and you too can join in the parade! And Yes, Olive is a poor unfortunate soul. Food on demand and baskets full of blankets in the sun. Oh the misery!