Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Tuesday Ten

As a way to keep me blogging I've decided to add some regular features to this here bligity-blog. So starting today, I will post ten things that are on my mind but may not be posts in their own right.

Feel free to play along and post one or two of your own in the comments, or if you have a blog of your own, you can join in. Just leave a comment with your bligity-blog url in the comments so I can check it out too! (I am operating under the assumption that more than 5 people visit this site, which I know is kinda a stretch! Here's to wishful thinking.)

Without further ado:

We took down the Christmas tree tonight. That is always bitter sweet for me. On one hand the house feels cleaner and less cluttered. On the other hand it means Christmas is over, yet again, way to quickly.

I kinda feel like junk. Of course this is just in time the last of my family (4 of them are teachers) to go back to work tomorrow. Isn't that just my luck.

Madeline started back to school today. She spent most of the afternoon totally whacked out. I hope this trend does not continue.

Lydia has been teething for the last week. That can not be over soon enough.

Before blogging I snuck into Madeline's room and smeared her chin with Vaseline. Her face is chapped and she won't let me put it on thick enough when she is awake because it "feels so icky!"

I made bread from scratch this week. It is a no knead recipe that you can store in the fridge until you are ready to use it in small batches. I might be my own hero.

Lydia cried the entire time I cooked dinner tonight. See #4. Most of that time she was hanging from my pant leg.

I made a batch of potato soup today but didn't have enough regular potatoes. I added a sweet potato instead. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I'll let you know.

Madeline and I took Olive to the vet today. Just before Olive got her shots Madeline said, "It's ok Mom. Olive will remember to be brave." Love that girl.

Why didn't I choose two? The Tuesday Two could have sufficed.

So? Whatcha think?


Elliot said...

I find that having weekly features does, in fact, help keep me blogging. That being said, I haven't kept up with my weekly features since, oh, early 2008? I should really reinstate those on the writing blog, and put some up on the kiddo's blog. Hmm...

Also, hey, I'm really digging the signature on your posts. Very nice.

Justin said...

I think the bread counts for multiple. Its not all one batch.

Michelle said...

Oh I am a HUGE fan of Tuesday Ten though I agree it's ambitious. :) I also love that bligity-blog is a regular part of your vocab these days! I might have to incorporate it into my very small, not nearly as excellent blog. Not sure I can do 10 but here are a few things about my day:
1. I let Devon scramble the eggs we ate for lunch today. He didn't get to actually use the stove. Either I'm an awesome mom or totally lazy.
2. Max went to doggie daycare today b/c it was raining and I didn't want to have to deal with dragging him out into the rain--he's a total baby about getting wet.
3. Bharath left for a work trip today and Devon asked about him all day. It makes me sad b/c I'm pretty sure he'd be okay with me leaving this week. Again, I'm pretty sure that makes me a bad mom.
4. I took out about a 1/2 bag of a family size bag of peanut m&ms today. This might be a good reason that I'm not a stay at home mom.
5. I wish it was summer again. I'm tired of wearing sweaters.
6. Our Christmas tree is out on the curb. It's been down for a week. I felt like a scrooge taking it down before new year's but it was losing needles and looking sad.
7. I can't believe you made bread from scratch. I fed Devon soup from a can, buttered protein noodles, and canned green beans for dinner.
8. I'm totally bummed that the new Halmark channel doesn't have any good new movies on. I really was looking forward to watching a H movie tonight.
9. I let Devon give Max an extra scoop of chow today even though he is supposed to be on a small diet.
10. I wish it was Friday.

Adrienne said...

Okay, I will try. I don't think my stuff is a interesting as yours though...
1. I still haven't finished getting out the handful of Christmas cards that I need to hand address. I honestly don't know when it will happen.
2. Ordered a rug and it is currently being shipped. Yipee!
3. The valances I ordered for Caroline's room right when she was born, still have not arrived. Need to call on that. Yeah. She's almost 4 months.
4. Caroline is almost 4 months old. Wow.
5. Christmas decorations are down. Almost put away.
6. We decided to leave some up as they can be considered "winter" decorations. Good idea Paul.
7. I worked out on the bike today.
8. I did not do my pilates exercises that I meant to do.
9. As long as it took me to put up some pictures and captions on my FB page, it only confirms why I do not blog.
10. I adore reading other people's blogs.

oohh! 11. Alexander and I did a workbook page today. That dude rocks at cutting! I will totally admit that I haven't done that with him before. I was so proud of him!

Tell me more about the bread.

Adrienne said...

I have one more: Caroline's first Christmas ornament came. I was looking on the Wedgwood website to see how much a random 1977 Christmas plate was worth and saw they had their ornaments on major sale. I saw it and loved it. Purchasing it made all the bad feelings about my SIL buying one for her (and Xan) go away. It came today in a box that I could have put my cat in. Nestled in foam peanuts was a smaller box with a beautiful blue and white carousel ornament - much larger and heavier than I had thought, but still very nice.

mGk said...

Elliot, yeah, you should get on that... from your sister (who is really one to talk)

Justin, I made more bread tonight. Yummo!

M and A- I love your lists! As for the bread, I think I do a blog post about it... see my brain is working to keep it rollin'! I'm back baby! (Ok that was lame, let's just pretend I didn't say that.)

carolyntracy said...

Hi Mo-
I'm stil here and I still love your blog. My husband does my blogging for me (I know, I know, women won the vote, and we can blog all on our own, but it is so much easier to let him do it...), but I'll leave a random thought or two for you.
1. Wikipedia's list of common misconceptions is kinda neat. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_misconceptions
2. I've kinda forgotten what it feels like to see the sun after I get off of work (at 5pm!)
3. The only way I can convince Isaac to let me put Vaseline on his oh-so-dry hands is to tell him that it is "Bugger Time!". I'm not sure if you want to institute that in your house. 5 year olds boys are much different than young ladies...
4. that's all I've got. Do you see why I don't blog?
Love to you all!

Adrienne said...

Carol - I agree that boys are very different than girls. Especially in the "must touch every button and take everything apart" department. It will be interesting to see how Caroline requires different parenting techniques.
I don't blog either. Nor does my husband. (btw, I DO like your husband's blog - your kids are smart ones!)
Fun weblink. Although, interestingly enough, many students are under the misconception that Wikipedia is a valid research citation.