Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Tuesday Ten (on Thursday), vol. III

So I know it is actually Thursday and I am two days late with my Tuesday Ten but I have no excuses and this is my bligity blog and I am totally ok with that. Mmmm-K?

It snowed 5.5 inches at our house today but we feel a little gypped because not to much further north got up to 14 inches of snow. I should consult my husband before making this statement though because I didn't get out of my pajamas until 4pm and he shoveled our super long drive way.

Anyone know a good recipe for snow cream? We've never done it but since a million of my facebook friends keep talking about it I must try it.

My mom just sent my brother to my house with a piece of chocolate cake. It was yummy.

I need to stop eating chocolate cake and brownies and snow cream.

Madeline had her second snow day in a week and a half. She didn't cry today. :)

I made bacon and pancakes for breakfast. I love snow days with the whole family at home.

I watched the movie Friends With Money tonight. I'd take a pass on that one if I were you.

This post has taken me far to long to write because I keep getting distracted.

Oh... shiny!


Adrienne said...

I really really really want a piece of sour cream chocolate cake from Wheatfields/Farmhouse Bakery/Garden Cafe in Omaha. Different name, same recipe. Thanks for increasing those cravings.

Curious, on the previous post, I swear it looks like you have a mini dance floor that Madeline is sweeping...

Adrienne said...

I have never heard of the movie, "Friends with Money". Not so good?

Molly said...

Adrienne, yep, Madeline has a little "stage" in her playroom. A Christmas present. We're all looking forward to many great performances. :)