Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. II

The Tuesday Ten-1.11.11 edition!

It snowed today. We played outside. Madeline and Kevin went sledding. I made chocolate chip brownie bars. Not one cup of hot chocolate was consumed. I think we need a do over.

We had a new bed delivered today. It is huge. I may never leave it. If you don't hear from me ever again you know where to find me.

Scott and Becky arrived back in STL today. We've decided we need to tell Madeline that Scott and Becky are arriving one day later than reality to avoid the constant stream of "are they here yet? is that their plane? are they coming here now? is it time yet? when are they getting here?"s spewing from her mouth.

Madeline played independently for almost 30 minutes yesterday. That is HUGE! I am half way to an episode of Oprah. (I'm (half) kidding!)

It is 10:15pm and Lydia is currently screaming from her room. I don't know why. I kinda hate this part of motherhood. (The not knowing why your baby (or 14 month old) is screaming therefore not being able to fix it.) (edit: it is now 10:27 pm and she isn't crying, fingers crossed...)

Kevin has to go back to work tomorrow after being off for three days in a row. I like having him around. I know he likes being had.

I am currently obsessed with potato soup. Snow is perfect soup weather. I think I may have to cook up a pot tomorrow. That would make five pots in four weeks. I tell you, this stuff is guh to the ood!

Or maybe I'll try a butternut squash recipe I was introduced to last week. It's pretty much potato soup - potatos + butternut squash. I bet it is just as yummy. I'll let you know.

Today I got a comment on this post from a blogger I L.O.V.E. Do you read Are We There Yet? You should. (but then again don't because you might like her more than me and then this here bligity-blog will seem even lamer... so never mind, forget I said anything.)

We had dinner out tonight. With other adults. It was ten kinds of awesome. (Thanks again Mr. H!)

I made it through another Tuesday Ten! Now it's your turn. Post as many as you'd like in the comments or post your own on your blog then leave a comment so I can read yours too!


Fiance-Jeanne said...

You will have to email me your potato soup recipe. I so happy that Becky and Scott made it to STL safely. Say hi from me.

Adrienne said...

Okay. Here is my random ten:
1. I had both kids (BOTH! That is two of them!) take a nap at the same time.
2. I really didn't do anything productive, but I did get caught up on some emails!
3. It is cold here.
4. The tractor apparently has issues.
5. I gave my son back his toy drill. I may regret this.
6. Caroline is a mover. She continues to enlarge her bald spot in the back as she scoots herself all over her blanket on the floor.
7. I changed the water in the fish bowls (we need to get my MIL's fish back to her). Happy fish.
8. Xan handled a late start well: Daddy home for a little while, but then went to school without him.
9. Beef, mushroom, and barley soup in the crockpot. (I'll add the barley in a little bit.) Potato soup recipe please, Maureen?
10. The new rug we put down makes the living room look less messy. Not sure if Xan is confining his toys to the rug or if it just looks more defined, but I like it!

Enjoy your time with your friends, Maureen!

Michelle said...

1. Worked from home today. Productive and got to stay in my p.j's. It's probably a good thing I don't work from home every day.
2. Worked out tonight. Feel really good about it.
3. Hid the cookies in our locked kitchen cabinet so I wouldn't eat them all day. I ate pretzels and strawberries instead.
4. Made pasta with a lemon butter sauce for dinner. The sauce was a bit too lemony, but yummy.
5. I have a recipe for black bean pumpkin soup. It's awesome. Let me know if you want it. I love potato soup too but try and rotate soups so B doesn't get burned out. His favorite is vegetarian chili.
6. I ordered Devon three Chuggington trains from Canada today. Why Canada you ask? Because there is 1 story in this blasted world that carries Chuggington trains that connect to Thomas trains and it is in Canada. The US Chuggington trains don't connect. I promise that is more train info than you wanted.
7. I stamped some stationary tonight. I love stamping. I wish I had a stamping buddy.
8. There is still snow/ice in our yard. This is Atlanta there shouldn't be snow on the ground.
9. I realized today that my shower is one of my favorite parts of my day b/c I'm all by myself.
10. Devon is smart. He is starting to memorize his books AND the authors. His favorite author to say is "Dr. Seuss."