Thursday, January 13, 2011

Playing Catch Up, vol. II

October 19. 2010

So after celebrating Lydia's birthday with about 60 people we spent her actual birthday very low key.

This (mini) cup cake I did make!

She devoured her first birthday cupcake.

So did Madeline.

We decided not to go totally crazy with gifts for Lydia's birthday. We usually don't go to wild with birthday gifts in general. Knowing that Lydia would get a ton of stuff from family added to the fact that we have accumulated a ton of stuff in Madeline's 3 1/2 short years of life Lydia wasn't really in want or need of anything. We chose to let Madeline pick out a gift for Lydia instead.

At her party she had no interest in her gifts. She was way into this one though.

Look at that happy face!

Madeline chose this blue haired friend for Lydia all on her own. If you've been around this bligity-blog since the dark ages you might remember this post from when Madeline got her Grover. Lydia had recently taken a liking to Madeline's Grovie and although she never really protested I think Madeline was really sick of sharing her lovie. Lydia's Grover has been a favorite since her birthday and, just like her sister, sleeps with Grovie each and every night.

Lydia did get some light reading materials as well.

It is hard to believe Lydia is one. She is a bucket of fun and cuter ever single day. I mean how can you not smile when you see that face?

That is unless you are dead inside.

Just sayin'.

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