Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Tuesday Ten, vol. IV

I am beyond ready for spring.

Santa brought Madeline wings for Christmas and they have lasted 31 more days then I expected them to. They've been bent, sat on, smashed, pushed and pulled almost in two. Today they were closed in the bathroom door. There is barely a scratch on them. Although they appear to be nylons and wire hangers I think they must really be made of titanium and gortex.

I slipped on a patch of ice this morning before taking Madeline to school. I am sure my knee will be a beautiful technicolor mess by tomorrow. See #1.

I made turkey stock over the weekend and although I got a lot of comments on Facebook about how I was crazy and why wouldn't I just buy it I felt super proud of myself and was totally excited about it. That was until this morning when I measured it and realized I cooked it for E-V-E-R and I only got 96 oz of stock, or the equivalent of three pots of potato soup out of it. It's a good thing it was a low maintenance project. I'm gonna be extra peeved if it tastes like shoes.

We are in so much trouble.

Yesterday Lydia had her first (and hopefully only) case of nursemaids elbow. We are unsure of how it happened because she was just getting up from a nap when she started crying (so we didn't see anything). I am pretty sure after all of Madeline's trips to the Dr. for this condition we are on some sort of watch list, moments away from being hot lined by a mandated reporter. You can read about Madeline's forays into the world of NME here and here.

Madeline let me do her hair today. It may have been the highlight of my day. Just maybe.

Please tell me I'm not the only person who saves bananas for banana bread but never gets around to making it. If not, please lie.

Negative: Kevin's schedule today kinda sucked.
Positive: We had dinner alone when he got home from work.

Last, but in no way least: One of my oldest friends (who I've known since kindergarten) lost her grandmother today. Although I am supremely sad for the family I know that Grandma Joan's love will continue to bless them as they move through their grief and begin to heal. The love she gave will be carried on by not just her family but by all who knew her, including me.


Justin said...

I can help you on 8. Beth has at least 12 bananas in the fridge for bread right now. They have fallen out and nailed me in the foot at least twice.

Adrienne said...

1. LOVE Madeline's hair. You will need to teach me how to do that! (And how to get her to hold still long enough!)

2. Alexander has a few things from LAST Christmas, including a tent, that I really would have preferred to be less well made.

3. Freeze the bananas. They look horrible, but they work just fine for banana bread. Defrost and make your bread whenever you want. That is what I do. Although my husband does complain about all the bananas in there...

4. Great picture of Lydia.

5. Sorry about the NME, I guess I didn't realize that Madeline had kept having it. At least you can recognize it now!

6. Sorry about your friend's grandmother.

More later.

Adrienne said...

Alright, my 10. (You still want us to do this right?)

1. I hate that my daughter screams her head off at bedtime.

2. I hate that I have to be the one to put her to bed.

3. I hate that I have had to not have Paul there to at least look at me sympathetically three nights in a row.

4. Fog, although potentially dangerous, makes for some pretty looking trees.

5. I wish babies understood "please stop crying/screaming".

6. I wonder if we will make it to Caroline's 4 mo appointment this week - 3rd time (in as many weeks) is the charm!

7. Money is going to be tight this month.

8. I need to balance the checkbook - I don't want to.

9. I am *almost* done getting the remainder of the Christmas cards out. Trying to decide if I need to write personal notes of explanation or just let them wonder.

10. My husband hated what I made for dinner. Interestingly enough, my son liked it.

Off to go search for something chocolate now. Thanks for the lovely pictures of your girls.

Michelle said...

Agreed love M's hair. So you made turkey stock for potato soup? Do we need to talk about your potato soup addiction? Support group maybe? Okay here are five for me (too tired for ten).
1. I'm beyond ready for spring. The meterologist promised sunshine and upper 50's on Friday. I might cry if he's wrong.
2. Today Devon told me he wants to go on a plane, a train, and an escalator. Tomorrow.
3. I spent 5 minutes looking for one of Dev's favorite trains. I couldn't find it and gave up. Bharath looked for another 5 minutes and gave up. Devon noticed it on our mantel just before bed. He had lost it yesterday for not listening. We are bad parents and forgot to give it back.
4. I fed Devon frozen homemade pancakes, an orange and blueberries for dinner. That's nutritious right?
5. Bharath and I ordered our favorite fried rice from our favorite Thai restaurant tonight. We misunderstood each other and both called in an order. We have A LOT of fried rice in the house. It was delicious.

Molly said...

I don't know who's funnier, you or your friends.

ALSO - Maureen forgot to mention that her loving mother came over to help with bedtime. We'll have to talk about that....